May 25, 2024

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ES records increase in hospital admissions with Covid-19

ES records increase in hospital admissions with Covid-19

The number of hospitalizations due to Covid-19 has decreased since the second half of August in Espírito Santo. Credit: Helio Filio | Secom-ES

according to Data released by Sesa on Monday afternoon, 190 to 230 people are hospitalized daily only in the general beds in the intensive care unit (ICU). The drop in hospitalizations stopped during the second half of August this year, so it lasted about a month.

Nicio Fernandez

Espirito Santo, Minister of State for Health

“This alert should mobilize the residents of Espirito Santo to realize that despite our significant progress, we still have a pandemic in full development.”

In addition to Nisio’s speech, the Under Secretary for Health Surveillance, Luis Carlos Reblin, commented that the increase is not only observed in One Health System (SUS). According to him, in this period of about 30 days, the number of hospitalizations in the private network practically doubled.

“On our board, there is a tab that receives information from 37 hospitals. There, we have noticed that the behavior of the increase recorded in recent weeks follows the behavior observed in the general network. On average, we have received 30 admissions to the intensive care units of these 60 hospitals,” he detailed .

Intensive care and nursing beds: the case of ES

The recent growth in hospitalization can be seen when looking at the data provided by The state government, No Hospital occupancy board. By adding the intensive care unit and dispensary beds, Espirito Santo is already close to receiving more than 400 patients under treatment for Covid-19.

In terms of intensive care beds, it’s been nearly a week since the number of people hospitalized has returned to over 200. According to the latest data released, 210 people were hospitalized on Sunday due to a serious condition caused by the new infection. Corona Virus.

Southern region alert

Also at this Monday’s press conference, Secretary Nisio Fernandez issued a special warning regarding Southern District of Espiritu SantoThe ICU bed occupancy is already around 85%. “There is also a much steeper growth of cases there than in other regions,” he said.

For the purposes of comparison, despite the recent increase in hospitals, the occupation of intensive care units in the state is about 60%, this level is not much different from the occupation verified in the metropolitan area (57%) and in the northern central region (53%) this Sunday.

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