May 18, 2024

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The victim is counted as a doctor selling SUS surgeries in Teresina;  professional was away |  Biao

The victim is counted as a doctor selling SUS surgeries in Teresina; professional was away | Biao

Tell a victim how the doctor investigated scalpel operation, of the Civil Police, sold the surgeries performed by the Unified Health System (SUS) in Teresina. According to investigations, the professional was charging about R$5,000 per procedure.

In addition to the doctor, the system included pension workers and a nursing technician. The surgeries were performed at the Military Police Hospital in Piauí.

The woman, who chose not to be identified, paid R$4,000 for an operation to remove her ovaries. The procedure was scheduled at Hospital do Satellite, but ended up at Hospital da PM.

“I tried to do the surgery through SUS, I couldn’t. Until one day I went to the hospital emergency room and met the doctor there. He offered me, and he gave me this option, if I had R 4 thousand dollars, I would do it in two days. So, without Thinking twice, I agreed. My situation was serious, and the surgery had to be done urgently. The doctor asked me to go to the police hospital, he was on duty and you would give me right there.”

Military Police Hospital Teresina – Piauí – Photo: Andrê Nascimento / G1 PI

The victim said he paid directly with the doctor. She says she gave all the money to the specialist and he performed the surgery.

The police are following up on investigations and can reach more people of interest. Improper collection of amounts for surgical operations in public hospitals constitutes the practice of crimes of criminal affiliation and passive corruption.

Practice is a crime and the actions in public units are completely free. Cases of collection of payments for public health services must be reported to the police.

“We will listen to the alleged perpetrators, victims, people who are familiar with the scheme or even other members of the group,” said delegate Denis Sampaio, from the Department of Anti-Corruption (Deccor).

The Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) Piaui acknowledged that it had not received any charges in the case under investigation, but stated that if it did, it would open an internal investigation. According to a decision of the Federal Board of Medicine, this investigation is carried out in a confidential manner.

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