June 21, 2024

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European countries, US daily Covid case records, boost importance of vaccination |  National newspaper

European countries, US daily Covid case records, boost importance of vaccination | National newspaper

Countries Europe and the United State . is enhanced The importance of vaccination in the face of daily records of cases Corona virus disease.

a France Sees a tsunami of new infections. And more than 200,000 new cases were recorded within 24 hours, which is a national and European record as well, according to the French Minister of Health.. In Olivier Veran’s novels, every second two French people are diagnosed with a disease Corona virus disease.

a Italia He also fights time to interrupt the record streak. The country nearly broke the barrier of 100,000 new daily cases. The Italian government has not seen a repeat transmission jump in the number of deaths.

the United kingdom It also counted fewer deaths in 24 hours. British Prime Minister sees Omicron as less aggressive than Delta, but Boris Johnson She explained that the new alternative is a real risk and that, yes, it causes more hospitalizations..

He warned that those who were not vaccinated are at eight times the risk of hospitalization.

Boris Johnson He called on Britons to start the year “with sensitivity and caution”, with their vaccines. Every day the government releases thousands of SMS with the same message. so far, 77% of Britons have had at least one dose and about half have taken the booster dose..

You are United State They have not had this infection since the beginning of the epidemic.

The seven-day moving average crossed 265,000 new cases on Tuesday (28). The country has only experienced such a wave for nearly a year. The number of hospitalizations and deaths has also increased, but it is still far from the peak.

Anthony Fauci, Infection Scientist at White House, said, on Wednesday (29), that preliminary data indicates that the omicron variant is less aggressive and lethal than delta, despite being more transmissible. Once again, he said, those who are vaccinated with the booster dose are rarely hospitalized.

The big issue now is back to school, in less than a week. Some cities, such as Chicago, have sent Covid tests to students’ homes. In Washington, DC, students and public school officials must prove negative test results before returning.

in New York, Students who have been in contact with an infected person may return to class as long as they are asymptomatic and test negative..