May 25, 2024

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European stocks cover data from China and the UK

European stocks cover data from China and the UK

As European stock markets Closed on The rest After data from this Wednesday (15) Chinese industry, Released last night, came out smaller than expected, and Inflation index No. United Kingdom Speed ​​up.

Or index Stokes Europe600 The stock closed 0.80% lower at 463.91 points. Oh FTSE 100, The benchmark of the London Stock Exchange, remained near stability for the rest of the day, but ended at 7,016.49 points, down 0.25%. Oh DAXFrom Frankfurt, 0.68%, 15,616.00 points and CAC40From Paris, it fell 1.04% to 6583.62 points. In Milan, The FTSE MIB Lost 1.02%, to 25,762.10 points, and Ipex 35, Down 1.65%, from Madrid, to 8,635.40 points.

European indices continued the day with a bad mood in Asian stock markets. One reason is the data on industrial production in China, which increased by 5.3% in August compared to the same month last year. This figure represents a recession compared to the previous month, which was 6.4% earlier, and lower than expectations for an increase of 5.6%. At Sale No. Retail Economists interviewed by the “Wall Street Journal” expect a 6.3% increase, while expectations from China are as low as 2.5%.

3.14% decline in shares Technology The Asian session encouraged distrust in Hong Kong, with the sector recording a loss of 6.67% this week.

Aiding Disbelief, The Development Do Energy cost, Toppled other sectors. The biggest drop of the Stoxx 600 this Wednesday came from this segment Ingredients e Consumer ServicesWith losses of 2.43%.

“Retail inventories are also lagging behind after the latest updates from H&M and Inditex, and there are concerns that a sharp rise in energy prices could lower consumer spending and hamper the rest of the economy.” Michael Houston, chief analyst at CMC Markets, said in a statement.

Activities of H&M With more than 100 stores closed at the end of the quarter compared to the initial 180, third-quarter sales fell 3.06% this Wednesday after falling short of expectations due to the closure of stores in its Asian operations.

Me Inditex, Except blue Zara, Despite improving its performance after improvements in e-commerce performance, fell 1.66% in the first half, despite 25% of sales being made through digital channels.

– Photo: Cyril Marcelhesey / Bloomberg