July 20, 2024

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Excess pigs in the UK

Excess pigs in the UK

The UK’s exit from the European Union is causing some disruption in the country, especially due to manpower shortages. For example, the shortage of carnivores, like Sophie Hope, frustrates pork farmers.

“It was a struggle, I will not lie. It was some sleepless nights and anxious days. There are so many pigs on the farm, there is nowhere else to keep them” …

Excess on farms and shortage in supermarkets. There may be a shortage of pork in British cuisine.

Breeders are asking the Boris Johnson government to take action.

“The biggest problem is here. In fact, it’s been developing for months and we’re at a critical juncture now., Opinion polls.

Sophie Hope wants to see Europeans granted emergency visas – with the skills needed to solve the problem.

The crisis also affected another business of this breeder: poultry production.

Their chickens – which lay fertilized eggs – are for farmers who raise chickens for consumption, but the supply chain has stalled. That means thousands of eggs were wasted.

“I employ 20 people here. They work very hard. In the early morning, they work hard to entertain these birds, so they produce a lot of eggs – and they collect all of us.” The creator agrees.

Euronews journalist Luke Hanrahan reports “One of the reasons these sectors are severely affected by the shortage of migrant workers from the European Union is because of the rapid growth of these animals. There is also a shortage of migrant butchers from Europe as cattle and lamb farmers begin to fight.”

The British government announced that it was working closely with various sectors to address the country’s labor shortage crisis.

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