May 25, 2024

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UK to issue emergency visas to 800 foreign butcher shops to avoid sacrificing thousands of pigs

The UK on Thursday announced it would issue a six-month emergency visa to 800 foreign butcher shops to avoid killing pigs as the pork sector struggles to get workers out of London-slaughterhouses and processing sites.

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The combination of Brexit and Govit-19 prompted workers to leave Eastern Europe, with 120,000 pigs “waiting to be slaughtered” in barns and fields across the country, according to the National Pig Association.

Environment Secretary George Eustis said temporary visas would respond to farmers’ point to a risky livelihood problem and a lack of animal welfare.

“What we will do is allow butchers in slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses to enter the seasonal labor program temporarily for up to six months.

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Eustace, which needs about 800 butchers to get out of the building, has announced it will help butcher shops for meat.

Eustace said the government will not waive the English-language requirement for eligible visas, despite the emergency, which will make it easier for more carnivores to enter — a key demand from farmers, urging the government to act on a weekly basis.

“We have evaluated this feature, but we do not believe it provides an answer to your specific challenge. Instead, we have decided to issue a temporary visa,” he declared.

The shortage of meat is one of the many areas facing the UK Severe labor shortage.

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Last month, the government announced plans to issue temporary visas to 5,000 foreign truck drivers and 5,500 poultry workers, but the government wants companies to invest in British workers rather than trusting foreign workers cockroaches.

Ministers struggled to underestimate the recommendations that Britain’s exit from the European Union would be a key factor affecting workers in the supply chain. According to Eustace, many workers in the pig industry returned to their homes during epidemics and simply did not return to the UK.

– This is a complex picture: there were many interruptions in the market, problems in accessing the Chinese market, perhaps some over-production. Yes, labor is a bad factor, but it is not the only factor. At the very least, the slaughter industry, like many parts of the food industry, has lost many of the EU citizens they relied on during the epidemics, and Brexit has nothing to do with it, ”he said.