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Extremely limited games Anuncia Rising Hell for Switch e PS4

Extremely limited games Anuncia Rising Hell for Switch e PS4

In the first half of the year, we witnessed the digital launch of hell high, an old-fashioned roguelite vertical platform game that made its way to Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Today, Very limited games Announced pre-orders for the physical version of Rising Hell, which will begin on December 12, 2021 at 12:00 CET.

Pre-order hell high In its physical version, access this link on the Strict Limited Games page. Here you will find a list of Rising Hell in its physical versions of nintendo switch e playstation 4, Both Standard and Limited Editions come with a special case. In addition, Strictly Limited Games also has the Rising Hell aluminum art card for sale.

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If you are a fan of metal music And video games, Rising Hell will undoubtedly catch your eye, as the heavy soundtrack perfectly matches the visual style of the pixelart graphics. The structure of Rising Hell consists of procedurally generated levels, where you have to go up and finish anything that gets in your way.

special edition or Limited Edition Special From Rising Hell includes limited edition box (in addition to the standard box), poster, art book, graphic novel, official manuel, character cards, poster, and original sound on CD, making it the ultimate release for any fan of the game.

in a hell high, we assume the role of Arok, a mysterious character with a monstrous arm that gives him the ability to slay demons. Arok’s ultimate goal is to revive his master The devil, but for this he must escape from the hole in which he is, then you have to climb and kill the hordes of enemies trying to block his passage. With its card gameplay and roguelite structure, Rising Hell is an ideal game for short sessions.

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Rising Hell offers fights with epic bossesPlus, you can unlock new characters that offer other playstyles. Strictly Limited Games sought to do justice to Rising Hell and succeeded with the Limited Special Edition, which is limited to 1,800 copies on the Nintendo Switch and 800 on the PlayStation 4. On the other hand, the limited edition will have 2,200 copies on the Nintendo Switch and 1,200 on the Nintendo Switch PS4.

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