July 25, 2024

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FAB plane carrying Brazilians and foreigners who were in Ukraine arrives in Recife |  Pernambuco

FAB plane carrying Brazilians and foreigners who were in Ukraine arrives in Recife | Pernambuco

A Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane was sent to rescue the Brazilians inside Ukraine Arrived to Recife It’s 6:42 this Thursday morning (10). KC-390 Millennium left Poland on Thursday (9) and, after a stopover in the capital, Pernambuco, headed for Brasilia.

In addition to this plane, Legacy arrived in Pernambuco this morning as part of the repatriation operation and to bring some returnees home.

On social media, chief Jair Bolsonaro (PLHe noted that the mission brought to the country 42 Brazilians and 20 Ukrainians with Brazilian relatives, five Argentines and one Colombian, in addition to 14 children. Eight dogs and two cats also came.

Video received by g 1shows the moment people jump out of the plane at the air force base Recife (see pictures below).

Video shows landing on a FAB plane that brought Brazilians who were in Ukraine

The repatriation process is carried out in an integrated manner by the Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Health.

KC-390 and Legacy, after leaving Poland, stopped in Lisbon and Cape Verde. This is the second plane Provided by the Federal Government to transport a pregnant woman and two families with childrenIt’s more convenient but most of the returnees came by freighter.

Everyone is expected to arrive on Thursday (10), at 12 noon, at the Brasilia Air Force Base, where a reception ceremony will be held.

KC-390 Millennium is The same plane passed through the capital of Pernambuco On the way to Europe, at a strategic stop. In addition to rescuing the Brazilians, the mission included transporting humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The FAB plane that went to transport Brazilians who fled Ukraine arrived in Recife on Thursday (10) – Photo: clone / WhatsApp

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