June 23, 2024

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Fabricio Battaglini tested positive for covid-19

Fabricio Battaglini tested positive for covid-19

Journalist Fabricio Battaglini has received a positive diagnosis of “Covid-19” and has been excluded from the leadership of “Maes Fossey” (TV Globo). He has been serving the attraction alongside Talitha Morete since October 25 after Ana Maria Braga, 72, was absent due to health issues.

The program was presented only today by Talitha, who explained to the audience why she continues to work even though she has shared space with Pettaglini:

You see, I’m without my partner here because I tested positive for Covid, but that’s okay. We work here without a mask, but we keep a safe distance. I did the test and everything is fine. Fabricio will be out for 14 days. Talitha Morete on “More You”

Fabricio commented that he had almost no symptoms and that his test on Wednesday (3) was negative.

We test at Globo every day. The fourth was negative. Today, positive. And of course, I’m already soaking here at home. disease sign? Almost nothing yet. Only the voice that became in the nose. But I have to keep up. And away from everyone for a few days. I am now back! take care of your self! Even vaccinators (like me who took a single dose), we’re not disease free. Fabricio Battaglini

Anna Maria should return to the program on Monday (8). The lieutenant colonel returns after a fall at home and hospitalization.

On Wednesday (3), Anna spoke with duo Fabricio and Talitha and said it was “going beyond a simple fall” and that she noticed an element lacking in the body.

Fabricio actually replaced Ana Maria Braga in July, when the presenter contracted the COVID-19 virus. She was absent for 14 days and returned to Globo thanking the vaccinations against the disease:

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I appreciate hundreds of calls, and couldn’t answer all of them. I was a quiet “period”. Thanks to two doses of the vaccine, I contracted a mild form of the coronavirus. But even so, it is a treacherous virus. Anna Maria Braga

Experts warn that a vaccinated person is less likely to get COVID-19, but it is still present. Immunizing agents, depending on their effectiveness, reduce the likelihood of contracting the disease, and, accordingly, Severe cases of disease in communities – which also need mass vaccination to protect everyone.

Immunization will not let The pollinator’s body is “closed” but greatly reduces the risk. Therefore, the scientific recommendation is to continue to use the mask and avoid closed places and crowds.

Thalita Moretti and Fabricio Battaglini replace Ana Maria Braga in Globo

Photo: Playback / TV Globo