May 25, 2024

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Falcão explains Glove de Pedreiro's plans and requires studies

Falcão explains Glove de Pedreiro’s plans and requires studies

Iran Ferreira’s new agent, Mason’s glovetold Falcao how he dealt with the internet phenomenon and what plans to partner with the boy are from now on.

In an interview with the Flow Sport Club podcast, the futsal king confirmed that Luva de Pedreiro was living a completely different life before she hit the internet and that the influencer is still literate. However, the star of the court will demand that Luffa be educated.

“I don’t understand very well yet. [por que o Luva me procurou]. It’s something that makes me happy, and holds me so much responsibility, because I was so calm, so peaceful (laughs). My point is to give him study, he needs to study, and that is non-negotiable. And a year from now, with lots and lots of money, he’s choosing the house he wants, where he wants it. [morar]Falcao said:flow Sport club’.

The king of futsal stressed more than once that education would be important for a boy to have a dimension of the number of followers, the money he collected on social networks, and even the signing of contracts.

“I met with and with father and mother, and said, ‘You have to study. You are 20 years old, and you need to study,'” Falcao noted. “we [aqui] To help him from now on. It is a machine. He cannot read or write, but he is very intelligent. He will know everything that is going on. [quando for alfabetizado]. We demand that he learn to read and write.”

The eternal number 12 referred to the example of the contract with the former director of Luva de Pedreiro, Alain de Jesus, to underscore the importance of young people being properly educated. According to information in journalist Leo Dias’ column, the young man will have to pay R$5.2 million to ASJ Consultoria, by Allan, in case of breach of the agreement.

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Falcao said the boy was not aware of the fine, as he could not read the contract, but stated that he had a legal team handling the case so that Alan de Jesus could access his “rights”. The ace also said that if the contract was approved by the courts, it would help Iran pay the amount.

“If the judge understands that the illiterate boy, who does not know how to read and write, deserves the contract and has to pay the fine, we will help him pay the fine,” the former player said. “We are not against him. [Allan de Jesus]He may have his rights, but the boy doesn’t want to work with him anymore.”

the other side

Since June 20, it has become UOL Esporte He tries to contact businessman Alan de Jesus, but receives no answers. Last Sunday, the businessman posted an official note on his social networks. Grupo Globo criticizes after article on the case in Fantástico.