July 19, 2024

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Far Cry 6: Check the Performance on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC

Far Cry 6: Check the Performance on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC

Xbox Series X can reach 4K resolution at 60 frames per second in some situations

Far Cry 6 is now available NS Here we offer a wide range of tests Explore archeology using ray tracing, Fidelity FX, various resolutions and many different video cards in use. While we focus on PC performance, Digital Foundry has brought a comparison of next generation consoles, in addition to the PC.

a Ubisoft Owns Maintain 60 frames per second on all new generation versions (PlayStation 5 NS Xbox Xbox X| S). In terms of the decisions each one reaches, all controllers work dynamic precision, alternating values ​​according to the scene up to 60 fps.

The most powerful console of this generation, The X Series offers a range from 1872p to 2160p, while the The PlayStation 5 falls between 1728p and 1872p. As expected, the Series, the “input unit” of the current generation, Far Cry 6 can be played between 1080 p 1224 p to render 60 frames per second.

Alex Battaglia does a dejaca foundry A Lack of fluidity in camera movement in console versions. While they all reach 60fps, there is vomiting while movingThis gives the feeling that the game is running at a lower frame rate per second than it actually is.

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As far as the sixth title in the franchise, I’ve used Ubisoft The same graphics engine for many years, since Far Cry 2. Dunya Engine still appears Common problems found in other games, such as traveling around the map at high speed and event Screen tearing (screen cut) on the way. This happens in all versions.

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Schematically, the file The quality found in the console versions is something about the high settingAccording to Digital Foundry. It’s worth noting that quality drops depending on the scene on Dynamic Resolution consoles, something that doesn’t need to happen on PCs unless they’re configured to do so.

to reach Same resolution and graphic quality Found on more powerful consoles (PS5 and XSX), Digtal Foundry uses a file GeForce RTX 2060 reaches 60fps, but not too slowly. The review also notes problems with the use of Ray Tracing, as explained by Diego Kerber in our review.

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Far Cry 6:11 board review, RT ON and OFF and Fidelity FX test!

Far Cry 6:11 board review, RT ON and OFF and Fidelity FX test!
We tried several configurations and devices to see how the game behaves.


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Source: YouTube / Digital Foundry