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Faustão anticipates the end of his contract with Globo until the last minute and returns at Band Notícias da TV

Faustão anticipates the end of his contract with Globo until the last minute and returns at Band Notícias da TV

Fausto Silva will wait until the last second of 2021, when he finally ends his contract with Globo, to show his face in the Band. The presenter will make his debut on the new channel in the beginning of January 31 to January 1, at an event called Viradão do Faustão.

first day of Ex-owner of Globo Afternoon In the band that was announced Leonor Coure, the announcer’s sisteron your Instagram account. The two are back together after 23 years. The script writer was hired by her brother to join his team New program, which will start on January 17th. She was fired from SBT in 2020, after announcer Silvio Santos canceled her for an unreleased series.

At Viradão do Faustão, the presenter and his team will tell the audience what the Band’s daily coordination program will be like. New photos of viewers, who will be invited to watch the first appearance of Fausto Silva in the new house, should also be counted. On the same date, Globo will premiere Big Brother Brasil 22, under the leadership of Tadeu Schmidt.

Preparations for Faustão’s debut in the band on January 17 are in full swing. Zeca Pagodinho has already confirmed his participation in the first episode of the show; Sambista has a long-standing friendship with the caller and was on stage several times in the extinct Domingão do Faustão (1989-2021), which gave way to Domingão with Huck – introduced by Luciano Huck.

Dancers who were with the presenter on Globo are also hired to work on the show. A large part of the team that had been from the old station migrated to Band to work with the veteran.

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according to the news advanced, The new Faustão program You’ll have an old-fashioned communication device: without a lot of purchased format and with more on-stage improvisation. One plate that will be revived is Pizza de Faustau, which is no longer made in Globo. The goal is to remind a little of the old Perdidos na Noite (1986-1988), who made the first season of Fausto on the network he’s back in.

Exit from Globo

Faustão Globo left in June of this yearSix months after he announced that his contract with the highest-rated broadcaster would not be renewed. The announcer also revealed his signature with Band, his old home, causing grief in the Marinho family’s company.

The author of the famous phrase “Oh crazy,” He was fired from work during your sick leave, He didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Sunday’s crowdHowever, he had to comply with the requirements of his contract with Globo From not appearing on another broadcaster Until the end of the agreement on December 31.