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Female skater dissatisfied with transgender success in US - 05/27/2022

Female skater dissatisfied with transgender success in US – 05/27/2022

American skateboarder Taylor May Silverman, who was unhappy to finish second behind transgender Lillian Gallagher at the Red Bull race last November, caused great controversy in the United States last week.

“It is not transphobia to compete with female athletes.

“Trans competitor won $ 1,000 in the qualifying round, $ 3,000,000 in the final and $ 1,000 in the best trick, for a total of $ 5,000,000,” Taylor commented on his Instagram page on May 17.

“I deserve first place, I deserve to be recognized and paid for my success,” said Skater, who hails from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and was disgusted to see second place in the race at stages in Detroit and the final in Lincoln, Nebraska. .

He said the Red Bull did not respond immediately to his request, so he decided to appeal on social media (six months later) and received a barrage of criticism from the public in support of his attitude and position.

“I’m tired of being quietly bullied,” Taylor shouted on his Instagram account, while he tagged two popular names in the U.S., such as Ben Shapiro and Tim Poole, the far right. The little girl’s initiative, made her angry.

Trance skater Lillian Gallagher (center) and incompatible Taylor Silverman (left)

Image: Reproduction Youtube

The skate event in question is called the Red Bull Cornestone, an inclusive competition round across the American Midwest, which is known for its very conservative stances.

By raising such an important topic and exposing his opinion in the media, Taylor became the center of attention and sub-celebrity, especially after the interview aired – a few months after the fact.

“By 2022, the skate community is becoming a welcoming venue for LGBTQIA + individuals and trans bodies to compete, tour, and be pro-revolutionary,” he said.

“Complaining that she deserves first place more than everyone else, on top of her transphobia, is uncomfortable and playful behavior. Feminism Any partner in this skateboarding community should be totally disgusted by Taylor’s behavior. “

“There has always been tension between a woman and a skater in Michigan, which has eased a bit over the years, and what Taylor did has gone backwards in a very cowardly way,” said Michigan skater Cara Browder. Aware of events for girls and the difficulties of being a female skater in the United States.

“We skate because it frees us up. It allows us to fall down 100 times and attack the trick once.

Renowned skateboarder Nora Vasconcelos, on the other hand, showed that skateboarding does not tolerate such attitudes: “It’s outrageous that you have to reconsider your path in skateboarding … perhaps it gives you a little sympathy or a sense of community approach. You are looking, “he said.

According to a report in Wise, Taylor and Callaghan declined to comment on the controversy, and Red Bull said in a statement that it did not ask for gender identification in the entry process and that skaters could choose to race between the men’s divisions. Or the girl on the day of the match.

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