September 22, 2023

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Google has once again questioned the alleged lack of trust in the UK

Google has once again questioned the alleged lack of trust in the UK

The Competition and Market Authority (CMA) on Thursday (27) announced Google’s practices in the field of advertising technology (adtech) It may violate the law of distrust of the country.

Loyalty laws are a set of laws that help all companies balance the market, thus regulating the power of a company to fully dominate the market by investing or preventing others from “competing” in that sector.

The CMA’s investigation is taking place on top of the strong positions occupied by Google adtech, Refers to three main areas of activity of the department: selling advertising space on various websites; Oh Advertising exchange, Real-time auctions for media purchases; Finally the Publisher Advertising ServersThe servers will automatically display the most relevant ads to users through contracts or other business deals.

Google, globally, dominates these three areas – and for many years the line between them in Google services Great technology Identifying began to be very difficult, CMA believes the company may have used it to the detriment of its competitors in the industry.

This is not Google’s first problem in the industry adtech

This is not the first time Google has been prosecuted for unscrupulous practices in Europe. (Image: Playback / Dinghy Injury Law Firm / Unsplash)

This is not the first time Google has been the target of unreliable inquiries. In June 2021, the European Commission began the process of assessment Great technology It does not benefit from its services in the advertising market. At the time, the European Commission was concerned that the company was making life difficult for competitors by providing incomplete services or by reducing the limitations of using its site.

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Referring further to that occasion, in September last year, Reuters announced that Google was trying to reach an agreement with the European Commission in the investigation, which would avoid paying a possible $ 18.2 billion in fines related to the case. However, no further details about the case have been released to the public.

Source: CNBC, Reuters

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