May 18, 2024

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Fernando Lzaro praises Corinthians' performance and explains Rger Guedes' position

Fernando Lzaro praises Corinthians’ performance and explains Rger Guedes’ position

the Corinthians put in a great second half and beat Sao Bernardo 3-0 Wednesday night. In a post-match press conference, interim coach Fernando Lazaro spoke about the team’s performance and also commented on the positioning of Roger Guedes, one of the key names on that night.

After a slow period in the first half, Roger Guedes was disappointed and scored two goals in the second half. Lazaro talked about the position of the jersey 9, which, according to him, has not changed during the time interval.

“First, a great victory, the opponent of victory values. For Roger, I didn’t see any differences in positioning from the first half to the second half. It was the same job, but the game was designed like that. Opponent We put a lot of energy into scoring, we didn’t get the ball up a lot in the last third to equip the attackers,” Lazaro analyzed.

“We were developing in this aspect and spaces were showing. He played a great game in the last game, made good moves and adapted to these possibilities. He understood the team better and naturally he is developing more and more”, concluded the interim coach from Helm.

Lazaro, who was still in the quintet, celebrated the fact that the five had had the opportunity to work together since the beginning of the duel. The coach evaluated the team match of the athletes positively.

Lazaro concluded, “For the first time, the five had the conditions to start the match. They endured the match well. A difficult match, with a lot of defenses, the construction was hampered by the quality of the opponent.”

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