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Tá Ugly: Grêmio plays very poorly and loses to União Frederiquense

Tá Ugly: Grêmio plays very poorly and loses to União Frederiquense

Syndicate Playing this year’s Série B in the Brazilian Championship, he continues to show that the team has a lot to improve to try and return to Série A.

In today’s match, November 16, the team showed a complete lack of control against União Frederiquense, as they were defeated r 3 to 1.

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The match began contested, but with Grêmio controlling the game’s first actions. In the 8th minute, Elias activated Realdo on the left wing, but when a cross was crossed, the ball ended up being deflected and off a corner kick. Four minutes later, he had a foul in his favour: Rildo charged directly, but sent it over the goal.

The hosts arrived with a corner kick, with the ball lifted at the first post, but Grêmio’s defense made the cut. Insisting on the attacking field, it was Lisa’s turn to make a cross to Davison, who managed to clear it with a dangerous header – the ball hit the net, but from the outside.

After 24 minutes, the opponents created good chances, so much so that they opened the scoring. After a corner kick by União Frederiquense, the ball was placed in the area and reached Jander who shot it into the net.

But it didn’t take Grêmio long to score the equaliser. Elias scored from a penalty kick, sending the ball into the left corner of the goal, which was defended by Marcao in the 28th minute.

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In the last inning, another clear opportunity for the tricolor came from Nicholas, who received a shot and tried the first shot, but sent it over the goal – the show was already stopped due to a mistake in the attacking area.

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In injury time, União Frederiquense scored the second goal with Joãozinho, after a defense from Gabriel Grando, he took the rebound and shot it, but he was in an offside position and play was canceled.

Gremio returned for the second half with a change of team: Lucas Silva replaced Thiago Santos.

At the beginning of the supplementary phase, the hosts were able to return to the scoreboard in the first attack. From the left midfielder, after a cross kick, Elliomar threw himself and swerved into the net.

Still in the three-color defense field, it was Davison’s turn to receive at the entrance to the area, on the right, and finish, to hit the net, but from outside, with 7 minutes of play.

Grêmio descended to the right with Ganderson making a cross in the area. Elias dominated but played with his hand and the referee ended with a foul signal after 12 minutes. Then it was Lucas Silva’s turn to sweep the area from right to center and roll to Rildo, who sent the goal, but the opposing archer defended.

Another Grêmio arrival came in a counterattack. Ganderson, with speed, gave a pass in pursuit of Gabriel Silva who nearly hit it, but the ball ended up jumping and leaving the baseline, by 20′.

União Frederiquense managed to increase the score in the 23rd minute. The ball was shown in the small area and Lion turned it to the back of the net, indicating the third goal.

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Tricolor tried to run after the score and in the 32nd minute, he arrived on the right, with Ganderson, but the striker ended up unarmed by the opponent’s defence.

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In the last inning, Grêmio attempted a free kick from the left. The ball was shown off the second post, and left to Grêmio’s players, but in the end it was with the homeowners.

As a result, Grêmio did not add points in this round and knows the first defeat in the competition. Tricolor returns to court on Saturday, against São Luiz, at 16:30, in the ring.