May 18, 2024

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Fesf - SUS - BA introduces a new streamlined selection process with 33 vacancies

Fesf – SUS – BA introduces a new streamlined selection process with 33 vacancies

The selection seeks to recruit high school, technical, and higher education professionals to serve on death verification service teams at the IML Salvador Extension

Registration for the new simplified selection process for State Family Health Foundation (Fesf – SUS) Which aims to recruit, for a specified period, secondary schools and professionals in technical and higher education to form the Death Verification Service (SVO) teams in Salvador and the Salvador metropolitan area.

In total, 33 vacancies were offered, in addition to the formation of a reserve register, among the positions of the social worker (3); dissection assistant (6); nurse (2); pathologist (10); Medical Specialist in Health Information (1); psychiatrist (2); healthy (1); nursing technician (3); Laboratory Technician – Type I 12/36 hours (4) and Laboratory Technician – Type II 8/40 hours (1).

Upon appointment, specialists must perform activities in the IML Annex, on a standard working day of 12-40 hours per week, on a day shift, 12-hour shift, including shifts on weekends and holidays, depending on the job Desirable, with a basic monthly salary ranging from R$1100.00 to R$4084.99, plus defined bonus and unhealthy overtime, totaling R$9,969.78.

Applications, which began on August 9, 2021, can be submitted until 23:59 on the 12th of that month, exclusively online, by filling in the application form available on the website. Fesf – SUS.

In order to assess the registered candidates, the following steps will be carried out: Curriculum analysis, with a qualifying and exclusionary character; Submit supporting documents for the information entered in the registration form, of an exclusionary nature and assessing competencies, of a qualified nature.

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The validity period of this selection process will be six months and can be extended only once, to be counted from approval of the final result, while the contract term will be 12 months, extendable only once, for an equal period.