May 30, 2024

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Ceará confirms the first case of community transmission of a Delta - Metro . variant

Ceará confirms the first case of community transmission of a Delta – Metro . variant

a delta variable The new corona virus already exists Community transmission in Ciara. On Wednesday (11), the state Department of Health (Sesa) confirmed the first such case. A health worker from Echo municipality was infected.

Patient Haven’t traveled recently Outside Ciara and had no contact with travelers. car 15 more cases confirmed, All imported transport, in people who arrived from other countries and even from abroad.

as a result of genetic sequence Who discovered the strain in the patient in Echo, a city 360 kilometers from Fortaleza, left last Monday (9).

Sissa said she had already begun monitoring and investigations “to understand the circumstances of the injury.” The case was revealed by the observation on the social networks of pasta.

“This case serves as a warning to the population to resume or strengthen basic health care to prevent transmission of the virus,” Sesa warned.

Travel should be avoided

According to the Secretariat, it is recommended that at this time Ciara Avoid moving between municipalities, except for “extremely necessary cases”. Sesa also directs municipalities to strengthen health barriers.

It has already been proven that the delta variant is more aggressive and faster in propagating.

On Wednesday, a court action was granted following a request from the state government that decided that people from abroad arriving in Ceará must provide proof of a two-dose vaccination or a negative PCR test. The same is true for people from Ciara who travel and return to the state.

What is community broadcasting?

Community transmission is the occurrence of Covid-19 cases not associated with another specific confirmation in a specific area.

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When a disease or a variable is transmitted from the community, it means that The source of the infection cannot be tracedNoting that the virus spreads between people regardless of whether they traveled abroad or not.

The information is from the Ceará Government’s Coronavirus platform.

Cases of a delta variable in Ciara

a The delta variable was first defined In Ceará on July 29, in four passengers from Rio de Janeiro, three women and one man, ages 22 to 26. They were all tested between July 19 and 21 at Fortaleza Airport.

Then, on Tuesday (3), Sesa confirmed two more new cases For travelers who also arrived from Rio de Janeiro

On the last sixth day, Sisa detailed another nine imported cases of travelers from Rio de Janeiro (6), São Paulo (1), Recife (1) and Mexico (1). Everything is considered Young, to be three women, under 27 years old; and six men between the ages of 20 and 38.

Only one of these people does not live in Ceará; A visitor from Sao Paulo. The others reside in Fortaleza, Tua, Choro, Sobral, Buranga, Iraucuba and Paraíbaba.

What is a delta variable?

It was first identified in December 2020, and new breed Corona virus is one of the versions of the virus that makes successive changes to adapt to the human body.

Quickly, the delta variant, defined as the most transmissible SARS-CoV-2, became the world’s leading. According to scientists, it is 50% faster than the first alternative, Alpha.

What are the symptoms of a delta variable?

According to researcher David Stream, from the University of Exeter Medical School in the United Kingdom, the symptoms of this strain are very similar to those of infection with the disease. pain.

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It is also indistinguishable from other variants of Covid-19, says the head of the Center for Social Medicine at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, Rajib Dasgupta.

He explained in an interview with Al-Bawaba that “all infections caused by Covid begin as a mild viral disease.” st 1.

Despite similar symptoms, different age groups may experience the variant differently. In children, for example, DiarrheaAnd Runny noseAnd Fever And malaise are the two most common symptoms.

In adults and the elderly, they can still present with common symptoms of Covid-19, such as Shortness of breath or cough.

Are vaccines effective against the delta variant?

The latest research on the issue was released last Wednesday (21), and was led by researchers from the UK Health System, the University of Oxford and Imperial College London.

The data indicate that, already at the first dose, Pfizer / BioNTech . Vaccines and yes AstraZeneca Present Resistance against the new strain.

In this case, the effectiveness rate is 30.7% for both, with a difference of 25.2% to 35.7%.

But with two doses, the numbers go up. AstraZeneca, in this case, has an efficiency that can be as high as 67%, with an average of between 61.3% and 71.8%.

Meanwhile, two doses of Pfizer/BioNTech can protect an individual immunized against the delta variant by 88%, ranging from 85.3% to 90.1%.

Still another study, conducted by New York University, a vaccine Janssen, produced by Johnson & Johnson will be less efficient against the variant.

In the lab, scientists identified a efficiency Which can be less than 50% of the immunization against the respective strain. However, the manufacturer reported that immune response still exists.

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