April 24, 2024

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Fiat launches 100% electric cars in UK;  And Brazil?

Fiat launches 100% electric cars in UK; And Brazil?

Fiat 500e (Photo: Advertising / Fiat)

With sales progress of 100% electric cars, brands are announcing their plans for the future. And this Fiat Decided to make the most important move in this matter. The Italian carmaker has announced that it will only sell electrified vehicles in the UK. The move comes into effect in July. Look!

Fiat will only have electrified vehicles in the UK (Photo: Disclosure / Fiat)

Fiat only sells hybrid and electric cars in the UK

The announcement was made by the brand last Monday (30/05). According to the manufacturer, cars without some type of electrification will not be marketed from that day July 1st. That means only hybrid and electric vehicles can be purchased. This is an important step towards complete electrification of the line.

Photo: Advertising / Fiat

The Stellandis Group brand has already released plans for the future. From 2027Fiat only sells electric cars European market. Keep in mind that the North American team’s plan is to focus all sales on electric cars on the old continent until the end of the current decade.

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It does not specify which company it should be No carbon by 2038. Sales of Italian company electrified cars are also on the rise in the UK.

Last year, we saw an increase 88.3% of all electric car (BEV) sales. If you think about hybrid cars, this was the development 43% (HEVs) and 18.5% (MHEVs).

“This step in the history of Fiat marks a turning point in our commitment to providing affordable and sustainable moving solutions to all our customers.

The popularity of the new 500 will enable our vehicles to adapt to urban areas, ”said Greg Taylor, Managing Director, Fiat & Abarth UK.

Fiat Depot and 500X Hybrid (Photo: Advertising / Fiat)

Today, the Italian automaker markets two types of electrified engines. Oh 1.0 Turbo engine (three cylinders) Equipped with one 12V lightweight hybrid system Is on 500 hybrids And on the Panda Hybrid. Meanwhile, the turbo engine 1.5 turbo (four cylinders) Available at 500X Hybrid and Fiat Depot Hybrid (hatch and station wagon).

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These vehicles a 48V Lightweight hybrid system. Meanwhile, The 500e It is the brand’s only fully electric car. We already know this. This model is already on sale in Brazil and stands alone in many markets around the world.

Fiat’s upcoming releases

Fiat Sentoventy (Photo: Advertising / Fiat)

Like other automakers, The Fiat Will be the only company selling electric cars. More new releases are expected in the next few years. According to the special release Autocar UK, the brand will be launched Four models until 2027. Because one of them a Small hatch.

It should come next year. Meanwhile, others Three shortcuts Will be shown in the coming years. According to brand CEO Olivier François, they have all already finalized their designs.

Some of the four models mentioned may be based on a concept car SentoventyAs shown Year 2019. An electric version 500 Abarth Should come.

Is it in Brazil?

Fiat 500e (Photo: Advertising / Fiat)

Here, the electric version only Fiat 500 Available. Model cost BRL 255,990 And brings a good amount of equipment (sold only in the icon version). This car has an engine that produces maximum power 118 hp and 22.4 kgfm Maximum torque. Autonomy is 320 km.

Stellandis recently announced the launch 23 cars In South America until the year 2025. Equipped with seven hybrid systems. The big news is that one of them definitely has to come Ethanol powered engineIt will have the help of an electrical system.

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