September 22, 2023

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The UK celebrates the Queen's Jubilee in an attempt to forget the crisis

The UK celebrates the Queen’s Jubilee in an attempt to forget the crisis

The British are preparing for four days of grand celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s reign, suffering from health problems but wanting to promote the monarchy during the transition marked by the crisis.

After Brexit, which left the country with strong political and social divisions, an epidemic of 178,000 deaths and record inflation of 9% imposes difficulties, and for many of the 67 million Britons this celebration should reflect the moment of solidarity.

Elegant parades, Thanksgiving Mass, Horse Racing and a great concert: Elements of British culture “Platinum Jubilee”, celebrating the Queen’s seven decades on the throne, she ascended in 1952 at just 25 years old. Old.

The festivities will conclude on Sunday with tea and tens of thousands of picnics and al fresco meals.

“Jubilees are anthropological events,” says historian and biographer Robert Lacey, adding that “street parties that people blow up are just as important as the festivals that air on television.”

“They are an example of how the UK sees itself as a monarchy, a vehicle for our history, our traditions and our values,” he told the AFP.

Health issues

Despite her 96 years and the royal family’s many scandals – from the time her grandson Harry and his wife Megan moved to the United States to the allegations of sexual abuse against her son Andrew – the Queen is still gaining great popularity.

He has 91.7% positive views in this week’s poll of The Sun newspaper, which has 67.5% support for his 73 – year – old Prince Charles.

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His mother’s health has been a concern since he had to stay in bed in October last year and was admitted to hospital for medical “tests”. Since then, the Queen has had increasing mobility problems and suffered from Covit-19 disease, which in her own words “exhausted” her.

Elizabeth II canceled her participation in many events and was replaced by Charles in “Speech from the Throne” in Parliament, one of the most important constitutional functions of the head of state.

But in recent weeks, the Queen has appeared with a smile on various occasions, sparking hopes that she will be able to greet her citizens at Buckingham Palace on Thursday.

Some of them have camped for several days near Buckingham, with tents on the side of The Mall, the largest avenue in London leading to the palace.

They responded with good humor to the heavy rain that hit the British capital on Tuesday.

“We’ve had wonderful British hail and wind and rain, but it’s worth it. In the end it’s always worth it, and if it’s hard, I think it’s more rewarding,” said Angie Hart, a 51 – year – old Canadian. Who went to London with her husband and two daughters for the event.

“I have real respect and love for the Queen who worked tirelessly all her life. It’s a jubilee year.

Harry and Megan

Fans like Hart hope to get a good view from Buckingham’s famous balcony, which has been the monarch’s public display for over a century and a half, and has seen everything from the coronation ceremony to royal weddings.

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At this time, the Queen has decided that only members of the royal family who “attend official public functions on her behalf” should greet the crowd.

It includes Charles and his wife Camila, their eldest son William, 39, and second to the throne, 18 including his wife Catherine and their three children: George, 8, Charlotte, 7 and Louise 4.

Andrew, 62, was expelled from public life, although Harry and Megan, along with their children Archie, 3, and Lilliput, travel to the UK to attend celebrations that will turn one on Saturday, you never know. Aunty.