May 22, 2024

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Finland builds fences on the Russian border |  Globalism

Finland builds fences on the Russian border | Globalism

Concerned for their safety after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Finland It will strengthen its borders with Russia With fences – the Ministry of Interior announced Friday, (10).

Amid concerns that Moscow could use migrants to exert political pressure, the Finnish government is preparing legislative changes to make it easier to build stronger fences on its 1,300 kilometer border. Russia.

“The purpose of the law is to improve the operational capacity of the border guards to respond to mixed threats,” Interior Ministry adviser Anne Ihanos told AFP.

“The war in Ukraine increases the urgency of this issue,” he added.

The city of Imatra, on the border between Russia and Finland – Photo: Essi Lehto / REUTERS

Today, limits Finland They have, for the most part, wooden fences, which are used to prevent the movement of livestock.

“What we want to build now is a strong fence that has a real barrier effect,” said Sanna Balu, director of the legal department of the Finnish Border Guard.

“Most likely, the fence will not cover the entire eastern border, but it will focus on places that are considered more important,” he explained.

The Finland It recently submitted its candidacy to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and Russia He warned that joining would be a “grave mistake with far-reaching consequences.”

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