June 21, 2024

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Fire Department postpones public release in Aruda and Ilha do Retiro |  football

Fire Department postpones public release in Aruda and Ilha do Retiro | football

The Pernambuco Military Fire Brigade conducted new inspections in Arruda and Ilha do Retiro, during Tuesday morning, but discovered there were still outstanding issues to be resolved at both stadiums. If the requirements are met by Wednesday, new technical inspections will be scheduled by CBMPE and PMPE.

Arruda Stadium – Photo: Paulo Paiva / AGIF

In the case of Arruda, the advice of the Minister of Social Defense makes clear that adjustments are needed in the (social) chairs and at the bottom of the stands. If launched, the stadium will have three available sections – Social, Chairs and Bleach Shields.

a Holy Cross He has not yet received a notification from the fire department about the inspection, but You see that it is impossible to sell classic tickets in this scenarioAccording to the director of the club’s heritage committee, Theo Silva.

The club was counting on the release this Tuesday to start selling tickets for the confrontation with Náutico, which will take place on Wednesday, for the final round of the first stage of the Pernambucano.

Ilha do Retiro before Sport x Santa Cruz – Photo: clone

a sports The report is expected to be released on Wednesday onlyAccording to Leão’s legacy vice president, Fortunato Russo Neto. But the team only enters the field as a home team on Saturday, for the Northeast Cup, against Floresta.

Dal Pozzo talks about his lack of confidence on his arrival in Sport and the plans for the club

The inspection, which took place on Tuesday, was accompanied by the supervisor of Liao’s heritage, Ronaldo Santos, and the club’s engineer, Luciano Alves.

a sports It is reported that one of the demands presented in the last inspection was the establishment of a fire brigade. The club complied with the standards and has 20 employees who have undergone training on how to act in the event of a fire and provide first aid. In the latter case, he goes to faint, for example.

Rubro-Negro also listed five other requirements that it sought to meet in the last inspection:

  1. installation of handrails on the steps of the stairs for the central and main wings;
  2. new signage boards in accordance with current regulations;
  3. replace all fire extinguishers;
  4. coating of all access gates between segments;
  5. and the installation of more than 130 emergency lights.

Inspection of the fire department in Ilha do Retiro – Photo: Sport Club de Recife