May 25, 2024

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On his return to Atlético-MG, he meets Alonso Mohamed, his coach in the days of Celta de Vigo |  Athlete - mg

On his return to Atlético-MG, he meets Alonso Mohamed, his coach in the days of Celta de Vigo | Athlete – mg

These are football coincidences. When Junior Alonso overtook Celta de Vigo at the start of the 2018/19 season, who was the Spanish coach? Same as Antonio Mohamed. Now the two of them will have a reunion at AtleticoMJ.

Alonso said to Landing at Belo Horizonte Airport before introducing himself to the rooster.

defender Krasnodar officially ceded GalloTemporarily due to the war Russia and Ukraine. At Atlético, Alonso became an idol, a reference and a hero for just about everything. She had a sequel and a leading role. In Spain, the pass was only four months, also with Turco Muhammed, who stayed from July to November 2018.

At Celta, Alonso played only nine matches, and witnessed the sacking of Turco Muhammed when he lost to Real Madrid. The team made a great start in the league, reaching third place after the third round – Fact highlighted in Muhammad’s wallet that Galo had access.

Junior Alonso plays for Celta under the supervision of Antonio Mohamed – Photo: Disclosure / La Liga

The duo beat Atlético Madrid by Diego Godin and Diego Costa 2-0, a victory that can be considered a brilliant chapter for both of them at Celta.

– The main thing we ask Junior is that he closes his niche, and competition options are not created. On that day, he played with Atletico a good defensive match and it was very important – said Mohamed, in 2018.

– First the mark, close the spaces, and be steady behind you so that our attackers are free and finish the plays. When possible to attack, but the first thing is defense.

However, it faltered, with wins missing well from day to day. When there was a very ordinary defeat for Real Madrid, on November 11, 4-2, for the twelfth round, Mohamed was sent off. Which raised the astonishment of the Spanish press.

At Celta de Vigo, Junior Alonso arrived on loan from Lille, who bought him from Cerro Porteno. He was used in almost all 11 games as a left-back, but was a backup. He had a chance to be a defender. When Muhammad left, the space of Paraguay, which was small, narrowed. Then came the loan offer from Boca Juniors, and the end of his European experience.

He even garnered significant influence in his career with Atlético, who paid 3 million euros to Lille in 2020. At Gallo, Alonso became an honorary, winning the Brazilian fans and the Brazilian Cup.

I wanted to go back to Europe. But in one of those very tragic coincidences, he was sold for $8.5 million to Krasnodar, weeks before the war broke out, his contract was suspended, and the future indicated Belo Horizonte on its way again.

Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG – Photo: Disclosure