June 16, 2024

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Flamengo refuse to buy percentage, Arascaeta renewal negotiations stall again |  flamingo

Flamengo refuse to buy percentage, Arascaeta renewal negotiations stall again | flamingo

A new round of negotiations, an old problem to be solved. Flamengo and Arascaeta returned to dealing with contract renewal, stipulating the duration of the new contract (until the end of 2025), discussing salary increases and seeing negotiations stall at the same divergent point: the purchase of 25% of the economic rights belonging to Defensor Sporting, of Uruguay.

Flamengo realize the salary increase is worth in recognition of what Arascaeta does on the pitch, but see no need and say they are unable to invest another €5m for the midfielder. The problem is treated as a complement so that both the player and his manager, Daniel Fonseca, can properly understand it, and the complex situation continues.

Arrascaeta – Photo: Alexandre Durao

Since the beginning of 2021, when the parties began to deal with the issues, 12 meetings have been held. Practically everyone deals with the same point. President Rodolfo Landim was summoned by the player’s representatives, but he directed the solution to the duo Braz and Spindel.

And in the meeting last Tuesday, the player and his representative once again expressed their opinion on the salary issue, but they stipulated the agreement on 25% of the defender. Flamengo is irreducible and only accepts discussion of buying a small portion of that amount.

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25% of Defensor was bought on contract as long as Arrascaeta reached the 4,000-minute mark in Flamengo’s first two years. What did not happen.

At 27, the Uruguayan midfielder has a contract with Flamengo until the end of 2023 and is one of the key players in the still-surviving team in the Brazilian, Copa do Brasil and Libertadores disputes.

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