May 25, 2024

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Focus on Always Ready and Submissions Led by Vtor Pereira

Focus on Always Ready and Submissions Led by Vtor Pereira

Corinthians Follow this week’s training, Saturday, morning. In CT Dr. Joaquim Grava, Vítor Pereira’s men have done work focused on orders.

Alvenegro’s side will continue to prepare to face Always Reddy until Monday, when they travel to Bolivia in the late afternoon. The delegation will remain in Santa Cruz de la Sierra until a few hours before departure, which will take place at 9:30 PM BST and 7:30 PM local time.

With three days left before the debut of the continent’s biggest competition, The My dream Some records were separated from Saturday’s training. paying off!

See photos from Saturday morning at CT Dr. Joachim Graffa

Midfielder Willian has been training all day long

Rodrigo Coca / Corinthians Agency


Rger Guedes in today’s activity at CT

Rodrigo Coca / Corinthians Agency

Matthew Donnelly trained with this group

Matthew Donnelly trained with the group on Saturday

Rodrigo Coca / Corinthians Agency


Vitor Pereira trained all available players this morning. Follow Wagner and Luanne in DM

Rodrigo Coca / Corinthians Agency

Carlos Miguel, hired

Carlos Miguel, the 2021 signing who has yet to appear for the first time, trained on goal on Saturday

Rodrigo Coca / Corinthians Agency

Bruno Melo, recovered from injury

Bruno Melo, who has recovered from injury, has completed the physical transfer and participated in all of today’s training

Rodrigo Coca / Corinthians Agency


Xio works on goal during the morning

Rodrigo Coca / Corinthians Agency

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