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CBLOL 2022: TitaN Sees RED Evolution, Grevthar Puts FURIA as Worst in Top Four |  laughing loudly

CBLOL 2022: TitaN Sees RED Evolution, Grevthar Puts FURIA as Worst in Top Four | laughing loudly

Between ups and downs, RED Canids Kalunga qualifies in the first half for the Brazilian League of Legends (CBOL) for 2022. After 3-2 win over Liberty In the second round of the bottom line playoffs, shooter Alexander “Titan” and quarterback Daniel “Grifthar” held a press conference and commented on Buck’s campaign. TitaN has seen an evolution, but it highlighted that the team still needs to improve and that Saturday’s win gives confidence to the championship sequence. On the other hand, Grevthar saw the RED Canids as the best team, although not the best yet, and FURIA, the next opponent, the worst among the other four.

TitaN and Grevthar embrace after RED Canids beat Liberty in the CBLOL 2022 qualifiers – Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

In a best of five series (md5) this Saturday, the Red Canids started the loss to Liberty, turned 2-1, tied, and in the fifth inning, topped again to close out 3-2. As a result, RED Canids advanced to face FURIA in Round 3 of the lower class, while Liberty bid farewell to the competition.

Titan, at the press conference, commented that the team has been facing problems, between promotion and relegation, since the start of the tournament and that it is still finding the pinnacle of its game. In a previous interview, still during the first stage, a Hunter Gabriel Vinicius “Aegis” said Red Dogs were far from their peak And she only won because the opponents didn’t play well.

“The way we were playing before was a lot less than we are now. I was worried about the situation that we might not be able to deal with our problems. There were so many problems, one after the other, things weren’t going well at all, on the Although we tried very hard, especially on an individual issue on my part. I was very focused on the wins, but the results weren’t coming, in training things weren’t going well either and I was feeling bad about it. Definitely this victory [contra a Liberty] It is very important to us, our confidence increases. All we have to develop now, we just need to go to training and really see what we did in these games.

The shooter claimed that mistakes made during the qualifying round were evident in the 3-0 defeat to KaBuM in the top arc semi-finals – a setback that caused the team to be relegated to the bottom bracket and unable to lose anymore.

“We are getting better every day. I think we should focus on our development process. I really hope we get a lot out of this streak. [contra a Liberty]. Even though it was 3-2, I think it could have been 3-1 or 3-0. We were very upset when we lost the fourth game, because we could have finished the series much earlier, but even so, we were meeting in the middle of the tournament. This series has shown us a lot of that.

CBLOL 2022: Behind the scenes of RED Canids vs Liberty qualifiers

He pointed out that the Red Canaries’ shortcomings remained present in the confrontation against Liberty and needed to be addressed in order to complete the championship.

– It seems that sometimes we forgot a little about the concepts or sometimes we didn’t accept that we were going to lose the situation or that it was a little complicated. That was a lot of what we had to offer in the qualifying phase. We hesitated to accept the fact that things were really bad, and that we could look for other options and other moves. To be completely honest, this is still happening and we still have a lot to improve this week, so I hope we work as hard as we can to avoid this kind of thing, which I think can’t happen, especially abroad.

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TitaN refers to “out there” because the team is aiming to travel abroad again, having been representing Brazil at the 2021 World Championship, the LoL World Championship. The first division champion of CBLOL 2022 will go to Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)an international mid-season tournament that will be held this year in Busan, South Korea, from May 10 to 29.

At the press conference, Grevthar cited participation in MSI 2022 as the biggest goal for RED Canids when commenting on the confidence the team has reached for the duel against Liberty.

“If I think I’m not going to win, I’d better not start playing.” I feel even more that we still haven’t done what we want to do outside. So, I feel like we have some sort of goal to do something there, I feel like we need to come back, and for that, we need to keep winning here.

The next contender will be FURIA, who started the tournament as he was appointed as the main contender for the title due to the star staff he created for the 2022 season, but are in the lower category after losing to paiN Gaming in the semi-finals of the top of the table. For Grevthar, FURIA is the weakest of the four remaining team in the competition.

The outlook is good. I feel like those matches [FURIA] I played against paiN, and in particular the games they won were much more than paiN’s fault. Of course they had their hits, throughout the series itself, but there were games where paiN had a lot of advantages and it ended up being. FURIA was failing the tournament. Among the teams of Reed, Payne, Kaboom and Furya, I consider them to be the weakest team,” the midfielder commented.

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– They have very good players individually, but the collective team is not suitable. I feel we have a very strong individual, I fully trust all of our players, and our team is doing it right. I can’t speak for them, but I can speak for my team, that we’re getting together and getting better and better.

In a showdown in which the RED Canids can once again be marked as the underdog, Grevthar laughs – literally – at the position the team is often placed in by society.

– I think it’s funny that people put us as weak [azarão]. I am happy and excited even more because I like to prove to others that we are still the best. I feel like we’re the best, but we’re not the best. We are still looking to change that, to improve it, but keep saying we are the worst and the underdog, and I will still be happy and play the game with my team.

When asked why the RED Canids are the best team, even though not the best yet, Grevthar replied objectively:

I have, on my part, the best four players in all positions.

The Red Canaries vs Furya game will take place next Saturday, April 9 at 1:00 pm (Brazilian time). The winner will advance to the lower category final against the loser in the upper category final between KaBuM and paiN, scheduled for Sunday, April 3rd.