June 12, 2024

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Food helps with a tan, you know?  Discover 18 Powerful Foods · High Morale

Food helps with a tan, you know? Discover 18 Powerful Foods · High Morale

Summer has arrived and you’re definitely already thinking about that bronzed dream, aren’t you? After all, nothing beats the sun and the sea more than suede! However, in addition to sun exposure, it’s worth considering other alternatives for your tan skin, okay? This is because the sun can be dangerous, especially when there is not enough protection and at peak times.

So, you can turn to self-tanning – a homemade technique made with certain products – or even turn to food, you know? It may sound strange, but some foods really affect bronze because they are sources of beta-carotene, a type of carotene. Let’s understand better?

“Carotenoids have an antioxidant effect, fight free radicals and prevent aging. In addition, they are precursors of vitamin A, which acts on cell reproduction, that is, it repairs and preserves sunburned skin tissue, preserving the tan, “explains nutritionist Natalia Barros . “This is possible because it has a photoprotective effect, as its molecules absorb ultraviolet rays and prevent them from damaging cellular DNA,” she adds. a lot, right?

The right foods

We already know that the secret lies in beta-carotene, but what foods contain it? In general, we can divide this group into yellow-orange fruits and dark-colored vegetables. Find out what they are and fancy your daily menu:

  • carrot
  • Mango
  • tomatoes
  • paprika
  • avocado
  • Pumpkin
  • papaya
  • watermelon
  • khaki
  • orange
  • Damascus
  • peach
  • Acerola
  • green cabbage
  • spinach
  • Broccoli
  • mustard
  • Okra

source: Natalia Barros, a nutritionist specializing in women’s health and Master of Science at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), with Improving Human Nutrition and Metabolism at Stanford University in the United States.

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