May 19, 2024

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Unimed will have to compensate 39,000 Rls for a former employee named "Vera Verão" for racist crimes |  Minas Gerais

Unimed will have to compensate 39,000 Rls for a former employee named “Vera Verão” for racist crimes | Minas Gerais

The Labor Court decided that the Unimed cooperative fund pays compensation for moral damages 39 thousand Brazilian riyals for a former employee, Victim of racist crimes within the company, located in the staff district, in the center-south region of Belo Horizonte.

The attacks took place in 2017 and 2018. The decision was made by Judge Rodrigo Candido de Carvalho, of Labor Court No. 34, on August 11.

The decision is not subject to appeal because there is an agreement between the two parties.

According to former employee Bruno Souza Oliveira, 40, some colleagues and managers themselves called him “Vera Verão,” a gay and black character from a comedy show on SBT.

“They called me Vera Ferrao every day, I was offended, they even made a picture of me in a group of companies in the company. They made fun of my hair, which I always shave. Even in big meetings, with people I didn’t even know, from outside the company, the jokes continued They said it was a joke, but as a joke, there was nothing,” Bruno said.

Bruno, who currently works as an insurance broker, said that while he was very upset, he was “hesitant” to make a decision. It was “the drop of water” when one of his colleagues who mocked him became president and fired him.

The judge spoke in the decision about the structural racism prevailing in the country.

“Nothing matters what each witness thinks or not of the game; nothing matters the color of their skin, or that at the hearing, Bruno was the only black-skinned participant (…); nothing matters either, if they were black” Animators” themselves of the meeting in which Bruno was referred to as “Vera Ferrau” and “Sebastian” index: “Recreational racism” is a poor objective practice, because it is one of the mainstays of the structural racism in force in our country. The judge said in the verdict.

When the verdict was handed down and the judge treated the case as racist, the insurance broker said he was “relieved.”

“Somehow justice has been done and it was good for them to realize that they didn’t do it right, that these ‘jokes’ can’t happen, that they are hurting one another, and that people need respect, regardless of skin color and sexual orientation,” Bruno said.

“It disavows any position or action that would show racial or gender bias within its institutions,” UNAMID said in a statement.

He said it “has a code of conduct and a whistleblower channel that is widely disseminated among its employees” and emphasized that it complies with all court decisions.

Regarding the incident that Bruno recorded in 2018 against other company employees, the civil police said they had opened an investigation to investigate the case. Investigation is underway.

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