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Isac Nóbrega/PR - 6/10/2021

Food may become more expensive with sanctions against Belarus, but the government is trying to avoid them, says Minister – Economy

Dubai – Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Christina, says the government expects to prevent Economic sanctions against Belarus, from which 20% of the potash used as fertilizer comes out in the Brazilian countryside, is causing a new increase in food prices and hurting the supply of the product for the upcoming summer season. In an exclusive interview with condition In the United Arab Emirates, where he accompanied the President Jair BolsonaroShe also echoed the president’s concerns about the impact of the inputs on the already high price of food.

She plans to run for Senate for Mato Grosso do Sul and has said she still wants to stay in União Brasil (the merger of DEM, her current party, with PSL) but will only be in any translations that support Bolsonaro.

The president is concerned about the supply of fertilizers to Brazil. How to avoid affecting food production in Brazil?

There is concern, because we import from 20 countries, including 20% ​​of Belarus, which will suffer economic sanctions from the United States and the European Union on December 8. (Due to the migration crisis at the Polish border). It is not that we will have problems with the supply, but that we will have problems with payment, more or less than what happens with Iran, which causes some inconvenience at the time of payment. We anticipate that, we talk to other partners so that we have a percentage of product exports, so we can make sure our fertilizers arrive on time.

When can it have an effect?

We have no problems this season, This harvest is already guaranteed, Rather, more than 70% are grown. We already have products arriving for the second harvest, no big problems either, but we are expecting the summer harvest, which is coming a year from now, in September, October and November. I’m leaving here and going to Russia to talk to some of our suppliers to make sure we have 100% of the fertilizer we need for our next summer crop.

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Is it possible to adopt a solution similar to that of Iran to exchange products with Belarus?

Yes, it is a solution. It is one of the limitations that Brazil is trying to compensate. In the case of Iran, we provide cornThey exchange fertilizers (urea). We already spoke to Belarus, they came to us last week Ministry Of Agriculture. Now we go to Russia to see if we can offer a little more than we already have, so if you need compensation, we can get compensation.

Will this affect food prices in Brazil now?

Everything affects, but we are working in advance so that it does not happen.

What is the status of beef ban in China?

We are waiting and providing all clarifications because, unfortunately, and irresponsibly, they spread the news that we have two Cases of mad cow disease in humans and this is not true. Soon this was clarified, but all this causes a kind of mistrust of the new information that we need to convey. We have already passed all the information to China, and now we are waiting for their response about this mismatched information.

Is it possible to estimate a deadline?

It is not yet possible to find out. They need to analyze the previous information, verify it, and then we will get it. Hopefully this week. We are now waiting for a response from the Chinese regarding the ban on our meat.

What do you take from the UAE as a new agribusiness?

We sign a cooperation agreement with the UAE for ambraba, Resources for research in horticulture, and water desalination for use in agriculture. And also chickens, this conversation is so important that it becomes a distribution center not only for Arab countries, but also for African countries. The conversation was good. There are many industries here In the evening, a BRF and others. I’ve reached out to both, who are discussing an increase in our market. It’s easier here, you don’t have to discuss the mind so much. It’s easier with the Arab countries, we hope the deals will be done.

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What is agro’s interest in the 30% methane reduction agreement signed at COP 26?

I see no concern, Because we’ve already done so much. Now it’s time to measure and see how many deliveries we can make. Another thing, Brazil doesn’t have to cut 30%, but go up to 30%. It could be less.

Does the government not have a minimum obligation to meet it?

This is what we will see. Now, every country will say what they can deliver by 2030 and the overall composition is 30% reduction in the world. It’s not a target for Brazil, it’s a global 30% reduction.

Whether Brazil will contribute 1% or 2%?

Brazil will make a contribution. I don’t know how many yet. Embrapa will make this account in Livestock. And that’s not all, we have the urban part, the dumps, the sewage, and Petrobras that burns methane. It would be a configuration of the different sectors in methane emissions to see what Brazil can reduce.

What practices in livestock can contribute?

efficiency of our livestock. If you reduce the time the animal stays in the pasture. It took 36, 38 months to build a fat bull. Today it takes 30 months. It really is a discount. Cows that do not produce a calf every year need to be slaughtered, you have to reduce them. There are a number of things about livestock efficiency that we will have to measure now and see how much they are going down.

How would you rate COP 26 agreements?

very well. Brazil can fully comply with whatever it has signed up for. It is not true that we are not responsible for these numbers. Yes we did. Now let’s run a survey, we’ve accomplished a lot. We have to reduce deforestation and I think we will reduce that.

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Are you determined to run for the Senate in 2022? Which side?

I think so. I need to select the party.

Isn’t it Uniao Brazil?

I want to stay. Of course easier. But there are some local decisions to be made, not national ones.

Doesn’t the president’s campaign interfere with yours?

I will remain either in the president’s party or in any party allied with the president. I can’t be in a party that shuts the doors to the president. I must be in a party that supports the president, it is a sine qua non. This I spoke with several parties I spoke with. Now is the time to make those decisions.

Will you stay until April or will you leave the government earlier?

I do not know. I have this discussion with the president. The legal deadline is April 3.

I’ve heard agribusiness leaders say they are looking for a third candidate. Does the sector still support Bolsonaro?

Nobody has a consensus, but the president has a huge supporter of his government in the sector.

Can Sergio Moro withdraw the votes of the president?

Of course Moreau should have his votes, I have no doubts. Now, to say he’s going to take the votes from the president… It might take some, but I don’t think it’s a deciding factor in any of the elections. Voting today is very personal. Vote for Teresa you love. Vote for the president who supports him and his ideas or loves his way of politics.

Will Lola be able to garner some of that support in farming?

I find it very challenging and very challenging.

The movement announced that it would resume the occupation in the countryside. Is there really electoral pressure?

You have to ask them. It can be stress, but it’s bad pressure, and it’s not good for them.