June 21, 2024

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Foods that are “unfairly” harmful to the diet but not harmful

We are bombarded daily with information about Healthy food. In this scenario, there is room for everything, opinions, recommendations, suggestions and conclusions that some foods are bad for “this” or “therefore”, “all this and you will get a result like this or something”.

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There are countless TV shows, digital influencers or magazine articles presenting diets or nutritional information that we are so perplexed about what we should include in our diet.

The truth is that some foods end up being unfairly accused of harming the body, when in fact they are beneficial and do not need to be removed from the diet. Learn about some of the foods that have been accused of diet villains!

Healthy foods: Some foods that are considered “unfair” are evil

1 – eggs


A few years ago, the egg took the blame for being a major enemy of heart health, because it was a food that raised levels of bad cholesterol. But thanks to the progress of current research, we know that it is a rich food that is able to produce good effects for the body. And it is full of vitamins, proteins, minerals and high-quality fats that prevent heart problems and more.

2 – red meat

red meat

That the red meat you eat in the barbecue is not harmful to your health, contrary to what many people say. Indeed, the proteins and vitamins that make up the meat are very useful for the body. However, the secret lies in moderation of consumption, not restriction.

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3 – milk


It is widely believed that adults should not eat milk, especially whole milk, and there are those who believe that this food is harmful to health, because it contains large amounts of fat.

However, a group of scientists conducted a study, in 2015, showing that eating whole foods contributes to the prevention of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

4 – Chocolate


There are still those who believe that this food is a great enemy of health. But the truth is that more and more scientific sources are revealing data that demystifies the bad reputation of chocolate. Today, we know that food, which is higher in cocoa and lower in sugar, is good for health, and contributes in several aspects.

5 – rice


It’s not fair to think that rice can be a bad food for health, but this grain actually holds that classification.

However, we do know that rice is a food rich in B vitamins, which are essential for the proper functioning of the body and immune system. No wonder rice is one of the world’s most consumed and popular dishes due to its versatility.

Many foods can be harmful to your health, but carrying a reputation for being harmful alone is not fair. Because the great secret lies in the balance of consumption, in the set of habits and lifestyle that one lives.