June 22, 2024

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I'd rather be in the hands of justice

I’d rather be in the hands of justice

The Supreme Court of Justice (STJ), on Wednesday (8), decided that Health plans only need to pay for procedures on the ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency) list.. Gonzalo Vecinna Neto, columnist for UOLParticipated in UOL News This Thursday (9) he regretted the decision. He understands that the role of the ANS does not protect patients.

Vecina explained that even now, when the procedure is not on the ANS list, the patient can go to court and seek care. They often get paid this way. With the last change, this may come to an end, because the ANS list will be exhaustive.

“The list of actions is what the ANS has analyzed and approved, so it has to be paid for. Users want an open list – everything that appears has to be paid for. Operators want a closed list. They want to decide what they pay for. I understand that STJ has reduced the space to take Decision by Justice, using Health Technology Assessment The question is: Are health services services up to the task? Will they adequately represent people with health insurance? This is the job – the ANS is there to protect health plan holders, and it doesn’t provide protection, that is the question , so I prefer to be in the hands of justice, and not in the hands of the ANS.

He also stated that it is common for a health plan operator to become a director of the ANS and vice versa. “In this country that doesn’t look at the population, I’d rather have an independent judiciary and the decision makers.”

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