May 26, 2024

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For health reasons, Wesley Safadão canceled the show at Pedrão de Eunápolis

For health reasons, Wesley Safadão canceled the show at Pedrão de Eunápolis

Due to health problems, singer Wesley Savadao announced that he will not be able to perform the show, which is scheduled to be shown in Pedro de Ionapolis. The forrozeiro was one of the great attractions announced at the party, which begins on Wednesday (29) and runs through Sunday (3), in a massive structure mounted on the BR-367.

In a statement posted on social media, Wesley Savada’s team reported that it “presented a picture of degenerative spondylopathy of the sacral lumbar spine, associated with lumbar disc herniation, with significant pressure on the neural structures within the spinal canal.”

According to the statement, “the artist underwent surgery with the aim of relieving pain and healing.” The team said Wesley would soon return to the stage, but did not say when.

Because of the spine problem, the singer has already canceled several shows in other cities in Bahia and the Northeast in recent days.

Cache will be returned – The municipality of Ionapolis said Wesley Savadao has already received 75% of the fee for the presentation he will give in Pedrao, but the singer’s company will refund the full amount.

Since receiving news of the artist’s show cancellation in Ionapolis, Mayor Cordelia Torres has committed to finding another big name to replace Wesley Savadao. However, she admitted that it is not easy to find a suitable replacement at this time and at the last minute.

Pedrão’s main portico, which begins on Wednesday in Eunápolis

Cordelia confirmed that Pedrao’s concert schedule has been carefully thought out, and lamented the absence of Wesley Savadao.

Great Expectations in Trade – An unprecedented anticipation captured the Eunápolis trade, awaiting the five days of Pedrão. Traders and businessmen say they are very satisfied and say that without the event they would have closed June in the red. With Pedrão confirming, they are expecting a 50% higher turnover compared to other months.

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