September 24, 2023

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CrossFit athlete was struck with weight during exercise and will undergo surgery in Fortaleza |  car

CrossFit athlete was struck with weight during exercise and will undergo surgery in Fortaleza | car

The CrossFit athlete was hit in the back by a barbell with a weight while trying to lift equipment into a CrossFit training box in Energy. The accident occurred on Friday morning (24), the moment was captured by an eyewitness record of the athlete.

This Wednesday morning (29), it was g 1 She called the facility where the accident occurred, and was informed that the young man would undergo surgery this week, but it would not comment on the case at the request of the victim’s family.

The Foundation issued a note of solidarity with the student who was injured and needs hospitalization.

The CrossFit athlete was injured and needs surgery after weights fell on his back while trying to lift equipment in Fortaleza. – Photo: clone

“The BoxColoso family, in solidarity with the MCSX student, comes, through this note, to wish strength and ask all CrossFit students, alumni and enthusiasts to pray for the health of our athlete who has unfortunately had an accident. […] ‘ says the note.

In another excerpt from the statement, the foundation said, “Colosso’s family supports him and is doing everything we can to help him, and we also pray for his recovery.”

According to the chair of the Fitness Committee of the Regional Council for Physical Education in District 5 (CREF5), Sérgio Franco, crossfit, as well as other physical activities, is considered safe, as long as the practitioner has proper professional guidelines.

“It is important that practitioners seek professional guidance so that there are no errors in implementation, and that they use the right overload. There are deaths. We see a lot on the Internet that people want to gain weight, and overpower themselves, without any guidance, which is not recommended,” Sergio Franco said.

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