May 20, 2024

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For this reason a Mexican Air Force plane flew to Cuba

Mexican Air Force plane lands in Havana, Cuba (Photo: Twitter / ுAsusenov)

Among the protests Cuba, a Mexican Air Force aircraft He flew to the island without reporting why he had taken the plane, which raised many suspicions, however, it was later revealed that it was. Return the Cuban doctors who came to Mexico to treat COVID-19 patients.

According to records Flightware, International airline data and software provider, a Flight Registration 737-8MC with FAM3526 Traveled this July 15, From Mexico City to Havana.

Departure is at 09:34 am and landing is booked at 12:28. Two hours after landing, it departed for Mexico and landed at Cosmel at 2:34 p.m.

At 18:27 hrs, Boeing returned to Mexico City to complete another flight.

The path of the Mexican Air Force aircraft (photo: screenshot)
The path of the Mexican Air Force aircraft (photo: screenshot)

The aforesaid raised many doubts as neither the Mexican government nor Cuba provided any information on the reasons for the flight, however, it was later said that it would be withdrawn. Physicians and nurses Coming to the country to treat COVID-19 patients.

Before the cause was known, it was said that help could be brought to Cuba because President Andrs Manuel L மானpez Obrador said he could be sent to Mexico last Monday. Humanitarian assistance To that country.

“Mexico can help Medications, vaccines, Health and nutrition are fundamental rights because they are needed and with food, ”he said.

He used his morning speech Question performance A member Mexican Commission on Human Rights An incident was recorded between protesters and embassy staff during a press conference in its suburbs with an official of the Cuban embassy.

Cuba is going through a difficult situation (Photo: EFE / Yander Zamora / Archive)
Cuba is going through a difficult situation (Photo: EFE / Yander Zamora / Archive)

The events took place on Tuesday afternoon by members of the Mexican Human Rights Commission of the Christian Democratic Organization of America (JODCA) youth. And supporters of the right-wing National Action Party (Pan); They held a press conference in front of the Cuban embassy, ​​where officials put up loud horns with music and prevented it from taking place.

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After an argument that was in handcuffs Ren தலைவர் Polio, the head of the Human Rights Commission, threatened the Cuban official: “You’re already dead, you’m dizzy,” he said, and then said in an interview: “A black man pushed me into the Mexican border.”

Lopez Obrador responded to the above and criticized that a human rights defender could express himself in this way.

AMLO criticizes the situation in Cuba (Photo: President of Mexico)
AMLO criticizes the situation in Cuba (Photo: President of Mexico)

“Yesterday some conservatives, the middle class, protested against the Cuban embassy. Impersonators or human rights defenders, And there is a conflict, thankfully small, but if there are insults, One of the participants, He tells an official at the Cuban embassy … Well, I’m not going to do that again … Human Rights Officer, The President questioned with surprise.

The President asked that the video of the event be recreated:It is the chairman of the Human Rights, Mexican Human Rights Commission, But he does not know what he is saying because it is a creation, and he is not alone. “

Lopez Obrador He reiterated last Tuesday Rejection of US sanctions on Cuba And rated it “Human rights violation.” In addition, he said There should be no foreign interference in the internal politics of the island and no use of force.

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