June 21, 2024

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Freddie Guevara has been charged with treason and will remain in custody

(CNN español) – A Caracas court this Thursday confirmed that Venezuela is the leader of the opposition after a trial that ended at dawn. Freddie Guevara Should be detained and transferred to the helicoid. Guevara’s defense told CNN that the decision came after another judge accused him of treason, terrorist financing and criminal association.

CNN contacted the public ministry for details, but no response has been received so far.

Lawyers and relatives of Freddie Guevara have condemned the abuse in custody

Both lawyers and relatives of Guevara, the leader and founder of the Voluntary Popular Party, have condemned the presentation of more than 55 hours of arrests, despite the establishment that Venezuelan law must be enforced within the first 48 hours. .

In addition, they warn that the prisoner is not allowed to approach his legal representatives or his relatives and they are not informed of where he is being held. Although they have visited different headquarters of the security forces, they confirm that they deny that he is in that place.

Deputy Guevara’s father says Freddie was abducted 1:31

On his Twitter account, the volunteer promises to “punish him for crimes he has never committed” to justify new waves of harassment against the party.

Guevara, the former deputy speaker of Venezuela’s national legislature, was detained by the Bolivian National Intelligence Service (CEB) on Monday, according to the Attorney General’s Office, which has been charged with “terrorism offenses, unconstitutional assault and conspiracy.” To commit a crime and treason “.

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Regardless of what evidence is available, the public ministry says Guevara is linked to “extremist and paramilitary groups affiliated with the Colombian government.”

This is what Maduro said after arresting an opponent 1:36

By the time the vehicle he was traveling in was surrounded by intelligence officers, Guevara was broadcasting live on his social networks, indicating that they were going to stop him. The protester said: “Make it very clear to the international community that if we do not understand the need to act very strongly with these types of regimes, this type will continue to happen,” he added, adding that he hoped it would be concise.

Venezuela’s opponent Freddie Guevara’s video posted live on social media.

Cross charges

Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez on Saturday blamed Guevara and the opposition leader Juan Guida Related to acts of violence committed by criminal gangs in the southwest of the capital A security measure from Thursday.

Both Guevara’s lawyers and relatives deny the allegations against him.

Guide responded to the allegations through his Twitter account. “What the regime wants to do with Kota 905 is a continuous novel, a show where they are going to criticize the democratic alternative,” he promised.

Freddie Guevara’s father says we know the danger he runs 0:43

On the other hand, the father of the detained enemy was also named Freddie Guevara His son believed that they would not dare to arrest him because they were in the process of negotiating. He stressed that he met with EU representatives on Sunday to assess the conditions for sending a monitoring mission to the upcoming governors and mayoral elections on November 21st. He assured them that they were aware of the danger of running Guevara, but that they “decided to respect his rights, his love for Venezuela and his solidarity with Guido”.

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