May 19, 2024

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Ford files US patent for hydrogen cars

Ford Mustang Mach-e (Photo: Revelation / Ford)

In the midst of all the news about Ford Motor Company’s investment in electric vehicle upgrades such as the Mustang Mac-E and the F-150 Lightning pickup, the company’s engineers are quietly exploring ways to keep the diesel engine business healthy. Combustion method: Hydrogen.

Unsurprisingly, the patent for this fuel-powered engine was filed by the automaker with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company

What are hydrogen cars

Cars that run on hydrogen are guaranteed to be part of the evolution of the automotive industry in the coming decades.

Also Known As: Cars Fuel cell, Hybrid vehicles that use hydrogen as an energy source. The main difference between a hydrogen car and an electric vehicle is that the former produces electricity within the vehicle itself, without having to load energy into the electric phase.

Hydrogen engine technology involves combining the hydrogen in a fuel tank with oxygen from the outside environment. This union generates a reaction that generates electrical energy.

It is this energy that drives the electric motor and recharges the car battery. Fuel cell car batteries are smaller than those in electric vehicles. They are used only at the starting point of the vehicle and when peak power is reached.

Photo: Uol / Reproduction

How Fuel Cell Cars Work

You Cars Fuel cell Should be fueled with hydrogen. Filling up with 6kg of hydrogen is only five minutes, which is enough to reach the full range of vehicles – significantly faster than filling up an electric vehicle.

This advantage indicates that hydrogen vehicles will be the technology they want to develop in the coming years. In addition to faster refueling and higher autonomy, the Fuel cell cars Do not emit polluting gases. Instead, they purify the air by releasing steam.

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Hydrogen refueling points can be added to conventional gas stations – hydrogen can be stored even on the surface.

Great difficulty in spreading the technology Fuel cell The fact is that the raw materials used to make batteries are much more expensive compared to electric and hybrid cars. This also increases the cost of vehicles.


What does the Ford Patent include?

The Ford The hydrogen turbocharged engine developed a combustion system that allowed it to operate at a wide range of “air / fuel lambda values” depending on torque requirements. The internal exhaust gas is recirculated and the valve time is used to control combustion.

Commonly used to define the Greek letter lambda (λ) Lampta factorThis corresponds to the ratio of the actual air / fuel ratio (occurring in the vehicle at that time) to what is considered optimal (or stoichiometric) for a mixture.

The patent filed by Ford only covers the combustion system and the regulation of hydrogen compounds. Much work needs to be done to develop a machine design capable of upgrading this system.

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(Photo: Auto Evolution)

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