May 19, 2024

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Wants to invest in UK biomass

Wants to invest in UK biomass

The Drax Group, a UK-based company that has operated on coal for decades and operates the world’s largest biofuel power plant, which is listed as Europe’s largest pollutant, has said it needs to carbonize the entire economy to achieve its goal of neutralizing carbon emissions in the UK. Minimize areas such as heating industries and industries such as steel, cement and heavy duty vehicles (HGVs).

According to Drax, the solution for these categories is hydrogen. When the ultralight element is burned in air, only heat, steam and nitrous oxide can be used as fuel. Since hydrogen is a carbon-free fuel, the so-called “hydrogen economy” has the potential to decarbonize hard-to-reduce sectors.

Although hydrogen is a carbon-free fuel, its production methods may be carbon-intensive. The hydrogen economy requires quantitative production mechanisms to operate with zero net carbon emissions. Organics from organic matter, with or without carbon capture and storage (BECCS), can play an important role.

In January 2022, the UK government launched the £ 5m ($ 6.5bn) hydrogen BECCS invention project. Its purpose is to develop technologies that can produce hydrogen for sections that are difficult to decorbonize and remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This initiative highlights the linked role that bio and hydrogen can play in supporting the carbon neutral UK.

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