June 8, 2023

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Foreplay and even on the water: see the bikes that exceed the norm |  Mobility

Foreplay and even on the water: see the bikes that exceed the norm | Mobility

An invention for over 200 years, the bike has simplicity as one of its main features. Pedal, two wheels, saddle and handlebars, that’s what makes every bike a bike, right?

In fact, not always. Many inventors have tried to give new faces to bicycles. Some attempts make the craft expand its horizons, even going on water, and others look even more “crazy”.

See below the models that break normalcy on bikes:

One of the coolest things about bikes is being able to enjoy the environment which is why so many cyclists venture into the mountains and trails. But what about lounging in a lake or even in a quiet bay?

This is the proposal of Manta5, a New Zealand-based company. Your XE-1 bike can ride at a top speed of 21 km/h.

Manta5 is a bike made to pedal on water – Photo: Manta5

There is no throttle on the handle; Electric power from the motor, as the cyclist’s pedals, drives the movement, as does electric street bikes.

The model is a hydrofoil, a vehicle that allows support in the water due to its shape, such as A very crazy Mark Zuckerberg painting. It is necessary to pay $8,990 for the form, which is roughly equivalent to R$50,000 (quote October 14, 2021).

The Netherlands is known for its cycle paths and how residents use different types of bikes in their daily lives. Among the many different models, Lopifit has created an unusual way to pedal, or better yet, not ride a bike.

Instead of pedals, the electric model was equipped with a treadmill. With the help of electric power, walking at 5 km/h results in a speed of 32 km/h on the bike.

How about walking instead of cycling? This is a Lopifit idea – Photo: Lopifit

The purpose of the “walking bike” is to avoid the discomfort of sitting in the saddle for hours, according to the company. your value? From 2,895 USD (16,000 Rls).

There are several types of folding bikes, but the Kwiggle, from Germany, draws attention for its size. The manufacturer says it is the smallest of its kind in the world.

When closed, it is about the size of a handbag, making it easy to carry on the subway or even on a flight.

Kwiggle is the world’s smallest folding bike – Photo: Kwiggle

With the wide possibilities for seat and handlebar adjustments, people can use the model from 1.35 meters to 1.95 meters in height. “Our clients range in age from 10 to 85 years old,” the company says.

Its ergonomics is also different, which makes the cyclist less stooped than a regular bike. This is so the pedal is more relaxed. The price of the Kwiggle starts at 1,340 euros (8,640 BRL).

The chain is an indispensable component of modern bikes, right? not always. Bicymple in North America produces bikes with pedals that attach directly to the wheel, thus eliminating the need for a chain.

The goal is to make the car simpler and lighter, because it does not need the entire gear system. For work, the bikes are shorter so that the legs can reach the pedals.

Bycimple has no current – Photo: Bycimple

There is a version with a pedal on the rear tire, and another with a pedal on the front wheel. Models start at $799 (4,400 BRL).

Leaving the obvious, inventor Michael Killian created a style called “side bike,” something like “side bike,” in Portuguese.

The Irishman was inspired by figure skating to come up with the idea, which leaves the rider in a very different position than we are used to.

“Side bike” by Irish inventor Michael Killian – Photo: Snowboard Bike

The gear system leaves the passenger aside and the handlebars are separated into two parts: with a rod in the front and one in the rear.

If the water is different, imagine snow. It doesn’t seem so nice to wander around this icy and difficult region. But the Canadian Envo Bike’s solution was to produce a kit that could turn an electric bike into a kind of snowmobile.

Envo bike turns an electric bike into a snowmobile – Photo: Envo

In the front, the board replaces the wheel, while in the back there is a rubber mat that ensures traction in the snow. The system also gives the throttle, which can be operated with your thumb, to give the bike an extra boost in tricky places.

The kit costs $2,789 CAD ($12,400).

Why not change the classic mode on top of the bike? This is the idea of ​​Bird of Prey (Bird of Prey, in translation), which leaves the cyclist as if he were flying.

Birds of prey give the impression that a cyclist is flying on a bicycle – Photo: Bird of Prey

For this to happen, the model has pedals at the rear of the bike, and the tire line goes through. In addition, instead of the traditional saddle there is an abdominal support. The value is 4800 US dollars (26,500 Brazilian riyals).

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