May 25, 2024

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Four academies are banned from operating irregularly and students are fined for illegal practice |  Pernambuco

Four academies are banned from operating irregularly and students are fined for illegal practice | Pernambuco

Four academies were closed, on Tuesday (24th), in Olinda, not big Recife, after irregularities were identified by the inspectors of the Regional Council for Physical Education of District XII (CREF12 / PE), in Pernambuco. The physical education student was in charge of an institution without professional supervision and was fined for illegally practicing the profession (See the video above).

This action received the support of Olinda Health Watch and Civil Police. None of the prohibited places had a responsible technical person, a qualified and regular physical education specialist on the board responsible for the activities being carried out.

In addition, according to the board, two of them had unstable physiques for doing physical exercises and training.

The restricted spaces in the Varadoro and Sitio Novo neighborhoods were the Academia do Pedro, Academia Pro Fit, Mova Academia, and a secret space with no apparent name.

The first to be banned was Profit, in Varadoro, which has more than 200 students and is operating normally at the time of the ban.

The employees who were on site did not want to be interviewed or give the owner’s phone number.

In the same neighborhood, the inspection closed the Académie do Pedro, which operated in a house, without a license plate and without a license, as well as an unnamed academy in Rua da Boa Hora. The fourth restricted space was the Mova Academia, in the Sítio Novo neighborhood.

The President of the Regional Council for Physical Education, Lúcio Beltrão, stated that the spaces are all repeated infractions and asked anyone who knows of the infractions to report them by phone (81) 9 8877 6678, via email [email protected] .br or from the site.

“We ask residents to report any establishment that engages in physical activity and does not have a physical education specialist. The community needs to be careful not to put their health and life at risk. We guarantee the confidentiality of those who denounce,” he explained.

The Vice-President of the Council, Nelizia Arruda, explained that before the ban, the premises were searched again. Only in profit, three more inspections have already been made.

“On the first inspection, we set a period of 30 days for settlement. On the second, 24 hours. On the third, an immediate deadline. All this was done and even then the Academy did not ask for settlement. I asked for more time and it was granted and even so it continued to work in secret. “.

She stressed that the performance of unlicensed institutions could put people’s health at risk.

“The council’s role is to ensure that the community is served by qualified professionals and institutions,” he said.

On the tenth of August, Five other gyms have been banned By the Regional Council for Physical Education in good garden, in Agreste, and in Escada NS jackfruit, in Zona da Mata Sul.

Of the four banned academies, only one spoke of the operation carried out by the council. The other three have been searched Globo TV But they didn’t respond until the last update of this article.

In a statement posted on social media, Mova Academia said there were “bureaucratic issues and slow progress in the city of Olinda”. Therefore, according to the institution, there was a “short ban” on activities.

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