May 21, 2024

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the patient is upset about visiting counselors in a health center;  understand

the patient is upset about visiting counselors in a health center; understand

A patient waiting for new physical therapy by the Unified Health System (SUS), was enraged when she noticed the visit of counselors at the Family Health Unit (UBS) in the Alvorada neighborhood of Patos de Minas.

The woman refused to be identified and told Patos Notícias that she had an accident and had broken her foot. The doctor recently ordered a physical therapy change to strengthen the fibula. This Tuesday (24), I went to the health center to seek care and was told there was a waiting list that could take up to a year.

Upon receiving the information, the patient became nervous because she has not been working since the end of March/2021. “I have been working as a house cleaner and since then I cannot work, I cannot stand all day. What I want most is to go back to my active routine. I do not want to rely on government aid “. I mentioned the report.

While treating the patient at UBS, four board members visited. City Council Health Committee members Gladstone Gabriel (PODEMOS), Vitor Porto (citizenship), Morey da JL (MDB) and José Eustaque de Faria Jr. (PODEMOS) were examining conditions at the site.

According to the patient, I once heard that members of the council would ask to buy a stove and paint the walls. At that moment, I rebelled: “The hearth is worth more than my health.”

In a video recorded by the patient herself, Chancellor Vitor Porto (CITIZENSHIP) stated that the executive branch is in charge and that it is up to the legislature to oversee. He also said he would move the demand for physical therapy to the city. The other three deputies did not speak to the woman.

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According to the report, Chancellor Vitor Porto informed that “today we were at UBS and preparing the report of the Health Committee to send to the mayor. All local demands met. The patient even spoke to us there. It was great!”. When asked about the purchase index for a stove and wall paint, he denied the existence of such a request by the commission.