June 23, 2024

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Fox 'gives a concert' to cops before being arrested at the US Capitol |  World

Fox ‘gives a concert’ to cops before being arrested at the US Capitol | World

After hours of searching, the Congressional Police we Capture an unusual enemy: a fox that has attacked infantry in the heart of the American capital.

Capitol Police wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon with photos of a white and beige fox with a pointed snout locked in an animal carrier “arrested.”

Agents had received complaints that a fox had “attacked or bitten” several people near the American Temple of Democracy.

Fox was arrested in Washington, D.C. – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / US Capitol Police

During the morning, the Capitol Police received a phone call about a fox approaching employees working in the Capitol Building where the Senate and House of Representatives are located.

“This fox can have a den in the greenery that surrounds the various buildings in the Capitol,” police said.

She urged the Capitol Police that “foxes are wild animals that protect their den and grounds very tightly. Please do not approach them.”

Foxes are found in Washington and other US cities, but they tend to avoid humans, according to local environmental officials.

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