July 20, 2024

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Free Fire confirms the release date of its new map Alps

Free Fire confirms the release date of its new map Alps

Alps is the new free map coming to Free Fire on January 1, 2022. You will receive exclusive rewards for the first few days.

Free Fire will celebrate the new year with the arrival of the next battle royale map. From January 1st, you can to visit You are Alp, an island in the Southern Hemisphere where “an elite team fought hard against the villains Mr. Red Whitty to restore the essence of energy and end winter on the island.”

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Alps – New Free Fire Map

The Alps consist of five places of interest.Tourist attractions: Mirador, Estación, Muelle, Desembocadura and Fusion. “The central building occupies most of the area, although we can also make use of several containers located on the pallets,” they revealed in a press release. “Whether you’re on the pier or in Central Station itself, the overpass is the point to master if you want to take control. However, no area is completely safe and players will have to be vigilant at all times to avoid getting killed.”

about it, fusion He suggests “a central building surrounded by the buildings that support it”. “It is a multi-layered structure that makes it impossible to approach the entrance to the central building from the surrounding areas without being detected.”

Today, you can look at the map as part of 360 degree immersive experience. From within the game, you can take out your cell phone and use the gyroscope to navigate it. To enter you must go to the New Age area from the main menu. Your first visit will start in the Alpes building.

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Landing on the first day will give you some exclusive benefits. If you log in on January 1, you will receive a Yeti spell.

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Free fire codes today, December 29

those free fire promotional codes It can only be redeemed today, December 29th. Therefore, we recommend using your smartphone, tablet or computer to claim them all.

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Free Fire: Everything we know about the new map of the Alps coming in December