June 13, 2024

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French court bans burkini in public swimming pools in Grenoble |  Globalism

French court bans burkini in public swimming pools in Grenoble | Globalism

On Wednesday, a French court banned the wearing of the “burkini” (a swimsuit that covers the entire body of a woman and leaves only the face uncovered) in public swimming pools in the city of Grenoble. for justice FranceThe play “strongly affects the principle of impartiality of the public service.”

The burkini is worn by Muslim women.

Dress code in public swimming pools in France Hinge. Not only the “burkini” is prohibited: men, for example, are required to wear swimming trunks.

Grenoble has decided to allow clothes to be worn in the pool – the burkini law allows long clothes for men and topless clothes for women.

French court says burkini ban an ‘attack’

The project was approved last week by the Grenoble City Council.

The court’s decision considered that this authorization implied “a violation of the general rule that fair body clothing should be used.” [nas piscinas] To allow some users to bypass this rule for religious purpose“.

Interior Minister FranceGerald Darmanin celebrated the court’s decision on Twitter, calling it “excellent news”.

“After our appeal, the administrative court suspended the deliberations of the Grenoble city council, which authorized the burkini in municipal swimming pools,” he said.

The topic of the burkini, as well as the Islamic headscarf, tends to fuel the country’s political debate France And it happened again on the eve of the legislative elections in June, crucial for the recently re-elected president, Emmanuel Macron.

However, to his opponents, the burkini is a symbol of women’s oppression, comparable even to the full veil that the Taliban have just reimposed on women in Afghanistan.

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