June 23, 2024

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French lies that she was vaccinated, dies of the virus and breeds rebellion

A 57-year-old woman died, without any health risk factors, from a severe form of COVID-19 in early December at a hospital in the Paris region. She had bought a fake coronavirus vaccination certificate a few months ago, according to local authorities. The case, which was revealed by the French press on Saturday (11), angered the doctors. They think they could have saved the patient if they had known she had not been vaccinated.

The housewife, who did not have co-morbidities, was admitted to Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Garcé with mild Covid symptoms. Vaccination is guaranteed and vaccination certificate is provided at the time of entry.

The document was forged. The certification, which she bought from a doctor in August, prompted the medical team not to adopt timely and appropriate treatment against Covid for unvaccinated patients. The hospital explained that her health deteriorated rapidly and she died on December 10.

“I hope this very sad story will affect the people walking around with a false certificate and colleagues who are issuing false certificates,” Jilali Annan, director of the hospital’s intensive care unit, told France Info radio.


The patient’s husband, who has not been named, reported that she contracted covid-19 from her 13-year-old son. The teenager was injured at school, BFMTV reported. In the face of a worsening of her symptoms, she went to the emergency room at Raymond Poincaré Hospital and, at the time of her admission, lied, asserting that she had received a full vaccination.

Medical teams started the treatment, following the protocol applied to vaccinated people who do not have comorbidities. But his health continued to deteriorate and he “quickly progressed to acute respiratory syndrome”. Noting the seriousness of the case, the medical team conducted several complementary examinations, including a test to check for antibodies against Corona Virus.

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“This was the first time we saw a young woman, with no known comorbidities, who had been previously vaccinated, and who had developed a severe form of the disease,” according to the director of the intensive care unit.

Forged certificate to retain work

It was the results of antibody tests that revealed vaccination fraud. The woman has never received a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The information, which was disclosed late, did not allow her in time to receive “neutralizing antibodies, effective in reducing the risk of disease development.” The specialist stressed that a false vaccination certificate “does not protect against the virus and may falsely refer the doctor who takes care of you.”

The patient had bought the forged certificate so as not to lose her job as a receptionist, her husband admitted to the medical team.

He explained to BFMTV, “If the doctors had known my wife had not been vaccinated, she would have survived. But she didn’t want me to say that (…) because she was afraid of filing a lawsuit.”

The vaccinated husband said that he could not persuade the woman to be vaccinated. She chose to buy a fake vaccination certificate from a doctor working in Nice. This practice has been severely criticized by the head of the Garches intensive care unit.

“To all my colleagues, who describe fake vaccination certificates, I want to say that they abuse their patients and betray them!”

The case is not isolated

Wanted, the doctor in Nice claims his professional card has been stolen. The press official of the mayor of Nice confirmed this information and said that a complaint had been filed “against a city health center that was said to have issued hundreds of forged health passports in recent months. An investigation has been opened.”

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The case is not isolated. since the middle of the year, A health passport that proves vaccination is required in France To practice different professions and attend different public places. The French social security system identified about 36,000 QR codes for fraudulent vaccination at the end of September. In the service of Dr. Jilali Annan, there is “at least one other patient who does not have antibodies, has a severe form and continues to report being vaccinated.”

The doctor insists that patients should inform health professionals about their true vaccination status to help decide on the appropriate treatment to be carried out.