June 23, 2024

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French – UK announces another 23 ps-Brexit fishing license internationally

The United Kingdom has approved 23 additional licenses for French fishermen in British waters, a government spokesman announced on Saturday (11), the day after Paris’ deadline for resolving the conflict after Brexit. France still needs 81 licenses.

“Yesterday, after receiving additional documentation from the European Commission, the UK licensed 18 vessels to replace those previously fishing in the sea.”

“In addition, the Anglo-Norman island jersey approved 5 new licenses this Saturday,” the AFP spokesman said.

According to him, the results “complete the period of intensive negotiations” between London and the European Commission, which is negotiating on behalf of France.

As of today’s announcement, France has 1,027 fishing licenses, but still needs 81 licenses, sparking controversy over London’s lack of “beneficial” gestures.

Following the UK announcement, the French government said on Saturday that it would “continue to work” with the European Union to recover the missing licenses.

“France and the European Union will continue to co-operate to ensure the full utilization of the Agreement on Trade and Cooperation,” Maritime Minister Annie Girordin and Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Beyonc said in a statement.

In addition, both France and the European Union are looking at “all possible legal frameworks” for each license still required, including “evidence that the British have promised to consider in the coming weeks”.

The British announcement has disappointed fishermen in northern France, who said this Saturday that they consider themselves “disappointed by the European Commission” and expect to take action against the import of British products.

A spokesman for the British government said: “We are working on a comprehensive technical report on seven more alternative ships, which should be completed by Monday.

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The London Commission has been asked to resolve the dispute before Friday, December 10. France set a deadline, but on Thursday the UK rejected the final warning.

London “If this is the case, we will report the matter to the Commission over the weekend,” French Foreign Secretary Clement Beyoncிக்கிழமை said on Friday morning.

After a difficult divorce between the British and the Europeans, the parties reached an agreement to define their relationship, including the chapter on permits for fishing vessels (especially French) to operate in British waters.

As a result of the agreement reached between this group and its former member by the end of 2020, if European fishermen can prove that they have already done so in British waters, they can continue to work.

But London and Paris disagree on the type and purpose of the supporting documents.