May 22, 2024

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Crude oil closes heavily, backed by declining U.S. cargo

After the United States enters the competition, Greece buys ships from France

Greece and France confirmed this Saturday (11) that they had concluded negotiations for the purchase of three French warships by Athens. The sale, which began in September, is estimated at 3 3 billion.
The agreement between the Europeans prevented a new crisis between Paris and Washington. This is because Joe Biden’s government approved the country to enter into a tender opened by the Greeks within three months of the crisis between the United States and France over the sale of nuclear submarines to Australia.
The Australians concluded a purchase agreement with Paris in 2018, but in September of this year, during a televised address, Canberra announced that it would enter into a similar agreement with the Americans and cancel the agreement with the French. This act was called a “kick in the back” by the government of Emmanuel Macron.
This Saturday, however, the French Armed Forces issued a note saying that “the US offer was withdrawn from the table because we were negotiating with the Greeks.” “Also, a few days ago, we signed a formal agreement,” he said.
The French also said that this time Washington had issued a formal announcement that it would enter into the dispute. .

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