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CBLOL 2022 Final Has taunts, middle finger, crying and red trio |  laughing loudly

CBLOL 2022 Final Has taunts, middle finger, crying and red trio | laughing loudly

The Grand Final of the first division of the Brazilian Championship league of legends (CBOL2022, on Saturday, saw the audience return to the main event of the National LoL game, with a duel between paiN Gaming, one of the most popular esports organizations in the country, and RED Canids Kalunga, which became three time champion 3-2 . ​​win. The confrontation took place in a studio Riot Games In Sao Paulo, cheers and provocations emerged from both fans, Felipe finger “brTT” and a lot of crying for victory and defeat.

Because the decision was made in the studio where regular CBLOL matches were being held, there were only 140 seats available, and tickets were split among all organizations participating in the tournament, with paiN and RED Canids receiving the largest number of tickets to be distributed. There was space for uniformed spectators from other teams, such as INTZ, FURIA and Rensga, to attend.

RED Canids players celebrate their first CBLOL 2022 title – Photo: Riot Games

Outside, fans gathered early and watched the teams arrive at the studio. There were cheers, screams, flags and even flags…PaiN’s supporters were the most numerous, with dozens of people who didn’t even have tickets to enter the studio.

Inside, fans played a battle of corners – mostly adapted from organized football fans.

– All week, I’ve been waiting, to see you paiN Gaming, to see you play – sing for fans, quote from “I Don’t Want Money”, composed by Tim Maya.

CBLOL 2022: paiN gamers sing in the studio

sarcasm and middle finger

After the players entered the stage and took their seats at the computers, the two fans began shouting each other’s names, just like in football. The paiN crew cheered more elaborately on each player, while the RED Canids crowd cheered only the names.

CBLOL 2022: Watch the teams enter the Riot Games studio stage

CBLOL 2022: Watch the teams enter the Riot Games studio stage

When Brazilian LOL star and idol paiN sat in the middle of the audience for an interview for the broadcast, RED Canids fans didn’t skimp on provocation and called him in one corner a “retired.” He lost his temper in the interview upon hearing the taunts, and after he finished, he walked out of his side and gave his middle finger as he heard more ‘retirees’ screams.

During the series, there was no shortage of provocations, which is characteristic of football fans. PaiN fans even mocked the smaller number of opponents’ fans by shouting that “this crowd fits a beetle”.

At one point, the RED Canids crowd sang that CarioK, a paiN hunter, “slashed.” Later, when his herd hunter, Gabriel Vinicius “Aegis”, mistook Pine fans in kind, also calling the player a “tiltado”.

Despite the provocations, there was no atmosphere of hostility and General Electric There were no quarrels between the fans of the two teams.

Aegis, of RED Canids, was very impressed with the CBLOL title win – Photo: Riot Games

In a best of five match (md5), the RED Canids were victorious. After he started losing, drawing and suffering 2-1 and looking for a tie again, the package won the fifth match and won the title. In addition to the R$100,000 prize, the team qualified for Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)LOL International Mid-Season Championship, which this year It will be held in Busan, South KoreaMay 10 to 29.

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This was the RED Canids’ third CBLOL title, and their second in a row, after winning the first split in 2017 and second in 2021. Marksman Alexandre “TitaN”, one of the team captains, Reached the fourth conquestbecame more victorious than paiN itself, the opponent in Saturday’s final.

I’m still very young, and I still have a lot of titles to win, but my focus is more on the individual and our team in general, because I think that’s the result of the work we’re going to do. “I feel very happy, it is definitely my pleasure,” Titan, 21, said at a news conference.

CBLOL 2022: Watch RED fans celebrate at Riot Studios

CBLOL 2022: Watch RED fans celebrate at Riot Studios

After the conquest, RED Canids players celebrate among themselves and also with the crowd, as there were friends, relatives and fans. Aegis was the most emotional. the hunter, Best LoL player in Brazil in 2021He was named the best player in the final and cried profusely as he embraced his family. Then, he sat on the stage floor, having just won his second professional title, and kept crying, comforted by his teammates.

“I was really happy when we won because everyone was playing well, everyone was having fun, everyone was enjoying playing with each other again. And my whole family was here too. It was kind of all together. It was kind of all together. Weeping, everyone was enjoying playing with each other,” Aegis explained at a press conference. That effort pays off.”

CBLOL 2022: PaiN members leave CBLOL studio to cheers from the crowd

CBLOL 2022: PaiN members leave CBLOL studio to cheers from the crowd

On the other hand, crying was sad. PaiN fans stayed outside the studio waiting for the defeated players. Even the group that did not enter the studio returned to the door of the establishment to offer support to the team members.

The players and coaches left the studio 40 minutes after the final decision, to the applause of the crowd but very sad. South Korean star Eui Seok “Weezer” heard positive messages in English from fans, while others felt comfortable and hugged. Scorer Mateus “Trigo” was one of the most passionate shooters.

After movement, the General Electric He insisted with PaiN that the team representative be heard, and coach João Pedro “Dionrray” agreed to give an interview. Praise Red Clapp.

It is very difficult to evaluate now after five matches. The game always plays well. They did really well in their preparation, and in today’s matches as well, both individually and as a team. I think one of the factors that weighed so much was the fact that they had been together for so long. At the moment, they are a better team than us and they showed that today. We made our mistakes and now it’s time to sit down and talk, whether it’s about today’s series or mistakes during the split,” Deonray commented.

The coach confirmed that the mood in the team is “complete sadness”.

Complete sadness. Impossible, losing is always difficult …. Everyone was very sad, and cried a lot. It’s a part, isn’t it? The esports life we ​​chose is win or lose, so we lost today unfortunately, but I am sure we will come back again and come back strong in the future.

Minutes later, the RED Canids members, as they left the studio, received applause and appreciation from paiN fans who were still there, on a beautiful show, in esports, provocation doesn’t turn into hostility.