May 25, 2024

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From US Futures Point to Wall Street losses this Thursday

From US Futures Point to Wall Street losses this Thursday


Shares of Asia closed mostly lower on Thursday following further losses on Wall Street following a report that US economic activity had slowed this summer.

The Hong Kong index fell 2.30%, causing losses in the region. Shares of Tencent (HK πŸ™‚ and NetEase (HK πŸ™‚ (SA :)) fell 6.04% and 7.97%, respectively, after the Chinese state-owned media announced that the two video game companies were named for the meeting with regulators. Issues discussed during the meeting included demands that companies limit play time for minors, as well as ban “account rental services” for minors. In China, new rules were issued in late August prohibiting 18-year-olds from playing online games for more than three hours a week. Private educational activities were affected after China banned private teachers from teaching online or in unregistered locations. Shares of New Oriental Education and Technology (HK πŸ™‚ (NYSE πŸ™‚ fell 5.67%, while rival Koolearn Technology Holding (HK πŸ™‚ fell 4.66%.

Meanwhile, China Evergrande Group shares fell 7.55% in Hong Kong as uncertainty continued to surround the situation of one of China’s largest real estate developers. It is likely to miss the message that it will delay the payment of interest on bank loans. The company sells assets to raise money.

In mainland China, the stock was up 0.49% at 3,693.13 points and the component was up slightly at 14,698.53 points. In August, Reuters expects a 1% increase in opinion polls, up 0.8% from a year earlier. Meanwhile, prices were up 9.5% year-on-year, compared to forecasts for a 9% increase.

Japan ended 0.57% lower at 30,008.19 points and the index fell 0.71% to 2,064.93 points. Japan has expanded its emergency operations Govit-19 By the end of September, the number of new cases was slowly declining, but still affecting the health system.

South Korea ended the day at 3,114.70, down 1.53%.

In Australia, the S&P was down 1.90% at 7,369.50. The benchmark has already lost 1.5% in the last five days. BHP Billion (ASX πŸ™‚ (NYSE πŸ™‚ closed 1.7% at $ 40.92, while mining stocks lost Thursday, while Rio Tindo (ASX πŸ™‚ (SA) πŸ™‚ was down 2.5% at $ 105.50. Oil prices have fallen 13% since last week, amid expectations of further production cuts in China. Fortesque Metals Group (ASX πŸ™‚ recorded a slight fall of just 0.3%. Among oil producers, oil search (ASX πŸ™‚ fell 2.3%, Santos (ASX πŸ™‚ 2.4% and Woodside Petroleum (ASX πŸ™‚ 2%.

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Excluding Japan, the MSCI index for the Asia-Pacific fell 1.24%.


European stocks retreated on Thursday as investors were eager to hear the European Central Bank’s outlook, and hints as to when it will begin scaling up its largest asset purchase plan despite uncertainty in economic growth.

The ECP announces its monetary policy decision at 8:45 a.m. GMT, followed by a press conference with the ECP President at 9:30 p.m.

Pan-European morning trading was down 0.45%, with travel and leisure stocks losing ground.

German 30 fell 0.31%, French 0.29%, Spain and Italy 1.02% and 0.47% respectively.

In London, it operates 1.15% lower. Among LSE-listed miners, Anglo American (LON πŸ™‚ is down 0.8%, BHP (LON πŸ™‚ is down 1.4% and Rio Tinto (LON πŸ™‚ is down 2.1%. In the opposite direction, Antofagasta (LON πŸ™‚ rises 1%. Oil companies BP (LON πŸ™‚ and Royal Dutch Shell (AS πŸ™‚ (NYSE πŸ™‚ fell 1.4% and 1.8%, respectively.

United States

The U.S. stock market futures fell in Thursday morning trading.

On Wednesday, it fell for the third day in a row. The Dow is down 0.20% and the S&P 500 is down 0.13%. Facebook (NASDAQ πŸ™‚ (SA :), Apple (NASDAQ πŸ™‚ (SA :), Netflix (NASDAQ πŸ™‚ (SA πŸ™‚ and Alphabet (NASDAQ πŸ™‚ (SA :), the merger with the owner of Google is down, at least 0.57%. This is the first crash NASDAQ has done in five sessions since finishing a record on Tuesday.

The labor market situation between the Govt-19 epidemic strengthened on Wednesday, with the employment and employment survey jobs in the labor sector showing more than 2 million jobs in July. The report, which is closely monitoring the Federal Reserve’s signs of declining employment, showed Factset’s openings in July at 10.9 million, higher than Factset’s estimates of 9.9 million in July and 10.2 million.

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Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve said in its latest “” that US companies are facing rising inflation, which is triggered by product shortages and will be passed on to consumers in many regions.

The central bank said overall growth “slowed slightly at a moderate pace” amid growing public health concerns during the July-August period covered in the report. “The slowdown in economic activity often reflects safety concerns due to an increase in delta variability and sometimes restrictions on international travel, a decline in restaurants, travel and tourism in most districts.” . The publication of the Page book discusses whether the central bank may withdraw some of its easing policies. In particular, officials are considering reducing monthly bond purchases, by the end of the year.

John Williams, chairman of the Central Bank of New York, said Wednesday that the central bank is on track to cut its bond purchases this year.

This Thursday, investors will focus on the latest weekly data, scheduled for release at 9:30 p.m. Economists expect 335,000 Americans to have placed orders last week, compared to 340,000 in the previous week. Also on the economic agenda, weekly oil stocks will be issued at 12:00.


Ukraine is the fifth country in three weeks to set some rules for the market Cryptocurrencies, A sign that governments around the world are realizing that the world depends here.

In an almost unanimous vote, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law regulating cryptocurrency. The project began in 2020 and is now being approved by President Volodymyr Zhelensky. To date, locals can buy and exchange virtual currencies, but companies and exchanges that trade in cryptography have largely been overseen by authorities. The new law establishes certain protections against fraud and holds other cryptocurrencies. Virtual assets, digital wallets and private keys would be covered by Ukrainian law if allowed by the president.

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Unlike El Salvador’s decision this week to adopt bitcoin as its legal currency, Ukraine’s cryptographic law does not provide a form for paying bitcoin or equating it with the country’s national currency, the hryvnia. According to the Kiev Post, by 2022, the company plans to open a cryptocurrency market for companies and investors.

Ukraine joins the long list of countries that recognize bitcoin in national law. This week, El Salvador became the first country to legalize the currency. President Naib Bukhale has almost linked his political destiny with the results of this national bitcoin experiment.

Two weeks ago, Cuba enacted a law recognizing and regulating cryptocurrencies, citing “socio-economic interests”, a vicious conservative government rooted in traditional Marxist systems.

Last month, the United States proposed rules on cryptocurrency “brokers” in a $ 1 trillion infrastructure program, and a new German law now allows funds up to 20% to be allocated to virtual currencies such as bitcoin, which prohibit investing in cryptocurrencies.

Panama is a hot spot. The Central American country is launching a plan to create its own cryptocurrency law.

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