July 24, 2024

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UK: Time to settle EU trade talks – International

UK: Time to settle EU trade talks – International

The UK government tried on Saturday, the 23rd, to expedite talks with the European Union to resolve post-Britain trade issues, saying both sides were far behind and it was too late to reach an agreement.

British and EU negotiators met in Brussels last week to resolve important differences in trade rules for Northern Ireland. The talks were shifted to London on Tuesday, and the UK said “there are still important gaps in key issues”.

The UK government has said talks so far have been “constructive” but have warned that “real progress must be made sooner rather than getting caught up in endless negotiations as the problems in Northern Ireland are not resolved”.

Although the United Kingdom will leave the camp at the end of 2020, Northern Ireland, which shares a border with Ireland, which is part of the EU, starting from the United Kingdom, remains in the EU’s common, free market.

Ensures open border between special status countries, which has been a pillar of Northern Ireland’s peace process since 1998. But even though it is part of the same country, it also marks the new border for goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. This caused some products to have trouble arriving in Northern Ireland. Source: Associated Press.

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