June 24, 2024

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‘Furiosa’ crosses $100 million worldwide, while US box office loses steam

‘Furiosa’ crosses $100 million worldwide, while US box office loses steam

After being defeated by a weak extended weekend Memorial Day In America,’Furiosa: A Mad Max SagaIt suffered a -59% decline, falling to third place in the country’s biggest weekend grosser.

Only the image was recorded US$10.75 million In its second weekend, it was beaten by ‘Garfield: Out of the house‘ ($14M) and ‘Imaginary friends’ ($10.8M).

Overall, production is already high US$49.6 million In the North American territory. In the international market, they were US$64.7 million – Aggregation USD 114.3 million All over the world.

According to DeadlineTotal of all images displayed US$67.4 million week end. The collection was -67% lower than the same period last year, highlighting the lack of enthusiasm the domestic box office has been facing lately.

Please mark it’Anger‘ screened with US$31 million In the US, it recorded the worst collection of the holiday Memorial Day In the last 29 years, whenCaspersino – The Little Ghost Companion‘ debuted at number one at the domestic box office US$22 millionIn 1995.

For comparative purposes, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘ Raised US$45.4 million In its first weekend in the US, in 2015. The film ended its run in theaters US$380.4 million Collected all over the world.

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first’AndRoad of Fury‘, fans wanted to know how the title character lost his arm, and the answer will be in the new film.

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In an interview Entertainment Weekly, Taylor-Joy Touching on this point, he explains that tragedy is an important element in the construction of character:

“If we were to chart the journey of this little girl becoming the character we all know and love now, we had to take important steps. It made sense to me because the amazing thing about this character is that she refuses to die. And it makes perfect sense that she would lose her hand in pursuit of something she thought was bigger than herself… that made a lot of sense to me and to the audience.”

Acting Anya Taylor-Joy This is Chris HemsworthAnd directed by the genius Oscar-winning director, George Miller, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga 30 years ago the long awaited film set into the dystopian world created by the Australian filmmaker ‘Mad Max‘. Miller The six-Oscar winner surprises again with an all-new original, stand-alone action adventure that reveals the origins of the powerful character of the global hit.Mad Max: Fury Road‘.

As the world collapses, young Furiosa is kidnapped from the green space of many mothers and falls into the hands of a biker gang led by the warlord Dementus. Wandering through the ruined wasteland, they find a castle controlled by Immortal Joe. As the two tyrants fight for power and control, Furiosa must overcome many challenges to find her way back home.
Anya Taylor-Joy Stars in the lead role and, with HemsworthHe is also acting in the film Alilah Brown This is Tom Burke.